Human Origins- Life On Lira Chapters 1,2 & 3

The Beginning Living on Lira

Chapters 1,2 and 3

Long Before the Earth existed there was a jewel of a planet called Lira, it also is in the Leo Constellation. It was a huge planet at least 3 times the size of our Earth and circling a Giant Blue Star. There were a Race of Lion People that called themselves Lirion's they were very large in stature their size ranged anywhere from 18 to 25 feet tall. They were a strong and proud Race. At this point in their evolution, they only possessed simple writing they used their claws to scratch symbols in Rocks and wood depending on how long they wanted the writings to last. They had not yet developed Industrial Technology but were very good farmers. This is where are story will begin.*fsj9nGyGyqVR9q7-aoceE5Qv970TETEVeZBTnI1261HUYzlgvRZbDupQWR5ngDwcnl1IV4dDEkdVLG5iOgMK1QcJ/lion2.jpg

  Lugh was a young Lion about 16 years of age and was full of life. He was on his way over to his girlfriend’s structure near the great Cave complex, which housed only the most prominent families of their Village. His Girlfriends name was Lilith she was a fun and Viva-shish little Female and she loved Lugh very much. However, she also had a wondering eye for other Male and Female Lionesses she was the atypical bad girl but that was what attracted Lugh to her. Before Lugh could make it to the Village, Lilith waited for him beside the trail out of his sight but Lugh detected her scent and knew that she was nearby. As Lilith snuck up behind Lugh, he turned around, grabbed her around her waist, and dragged her into the bushes as she started kissing him all over his body exciting him greatly. As Lugh gained back his Composer, he got on top of Lilith, pinned her down, and returned the favor kissing her body then they started ravaging each other. Lugh held her down by her neck and Made Love to her as if he had never done before, penetrating her from the Front instead of behind like they have always done before. Lily screamed in ecstasy as Lugh was making love to her. Lilith’s voice was so loud that her screaming almost made Lugh's ears bleed. After they finished their carnal act after a large crescendo of moaning and screaming, of orgasmic bliss. They were laying on the hill cuddling with each other when they heard a loud explosion over their heads as they looked up they saw a large glowing Orb heading right for them. They both quickly jumped up and ran for cover on the other side of the hill. As soon as they got down on the ground, they covered their ears as the ground shook with a force that caused shelters in the nearby village to crumble and fall apart making the people scream in terror. The glowing Orb flew right over their heads as it hit the ground a loud explosion happened making them think they were dead for sure. After they realized that they survived Lugh Looked at Lily and asked if she was ok, she said yes and wondered if that was a Meteor. They got up and peered over the hill where they had just made love minutes earlier and what they saw amazed them.

   They saw a huge metallic oval egg shaped craft sliding along the ground away for them as the Ship finally stopped moving it gouged a deep groove in the ground at least a mile long. It was resting half buried in a pile of dirt. All the nearby vegetation was all scorched and the ground was blackened. Lugh could see something that looked like a hatch with some controls next to it. Since he had never seen metal before he was afraid to touch any part of it, but he quickly conquered his fear and pushed the green light on the control panel and a huge hatch slid open about 40 feet around, Lugh and Lilith were terrified at what might come out. However, nothing came out so Lugh got up enough courage to crawl up to the hatch and peer in to the ship. Lugh was amazed at what he saw. There was a Giant Feline about 60 feet tall lying unconscious in a huge shiny chair. Neither Lilith nor Lugh knew anything about Healing, so Lugh decided to run as fast as he could over to his Uncle Leo's Shelter just over the other side of the hill. As Lugh arrived at his Uncle’s house, he explained to His Uncle about the crash and the Giant Lioness inside the ship. Uncle Leo was the Village Doctor so he grabbed his medical bag and followed Lugh back to the crash site. When they arrived Uncle Leo Climbed up the Hatch and went inside showing no fear of the unknown. As he inspected that big beautiful Feline up and down, he could not see any visible wounds. Nevertheless, he noticed some tubes coming out of her Arms and into a device of some sort; it had a Red and a Green button on it. Uncle Leo decided to push the green button figuring Green stands for go and Red means stop. Then all of a sudden fluid started moving inside the tubes and flow into her arms and after a couple of minutes Leo heard moans starting to come out of the giant Feline. As she awakened she starred into Leo's Eyes and thanked him for saving her life without saying an audible word she telepathically told him that he would not understand her language but she could read his mind and communicate with him in that way.

  After she fully awoke from her suspended Animation, they all crawled out of her ship and sat around a fire that Lugh had built while Leo was waking our new friend up in the ship. After she shook off all the cobwebs out of her brain from her long suspended animation, she explained where she came from and whom she was. By now, the rest of the Village had also arrived and was curious about who the visitor was. She told us she came from the Andromeda Galaxy and she was the only one that survived after a Supernova Destroyed her Planet and her whole Solar system. Then she explained that her Father and Mother were the King and Queen of her home world and that her Space ship was the first and only one ever made. It took the brain trust of every scientist on her home world just to come up with enough Technology to build her Ship and save her life; they had hoped Lira would be large enough for her to survive. She told Uncle Leo that the Ship of hers has all the top technology from her home world and she presented it as a gift to the whole planet. She took a liking to Uncle Leo and they fell deeply in love with each other even though she was 3 times his size, but Uncle Leo always did like them big.

  After several Years Lugh and Lilith married and had children as well as Uncle Leo and Princess Andromeda this was the foundation of the original Royal family. Andromeda explained how our Souls are made of Static electricity and that when we die our Souls go to the Nearest Sun or the Planets Hot Core to recharge our Soul Battery. Some Souls just cannot handle the Power of the Sun and that is why they must go the core of a planet instead of the Sun but everyone must wait to be reborn again until after they have recharged their Soul Battery. She explained that your Soul is in your Heart; in fact, your Soul is what powers your Heart and pumps your life Blood. That is what gives us life when we are in Flesh and Blood form.

  She also said that if we want to make our race strong we should always encourage incorporating as much new blood into the Lirion race as possible. She also told us that we must make Love as much as possible and have many babies to spread our D.N.A. throughout the Galaxy. At the time we didn’t know what she meant by spreading throughout the Galaxy but we weren’t thinking long term, she also told us that she must have a baby before she dies because she can only be reborn again if she has children with a Lirion male because she is new to Lyra star system. She can only reincarnate on Lira if her own Bloodline and D.N.A. is continued in the Lirion race. Then she explained how we could keep track of her Royale Bloodline and how long it usually takes to recharge our soul batteries but we will talk more about this later.

  So after several years the people came to love and Worship Uncle Leo and Princess Andromeda because she taught them how to become more civilized and how to Forge Metal and create technology that could feed their Race and make them stronger than ever before. Therefore, after a short time the people crowned them as royalty and rejoiced with them. Therefore, from that day on, they were able to start tracking the Royal Bloodline, the Queen and King had many children and began the first Golden Age of Lira, and after many years, they died and were reborn again many times. With the induction of Queen Andromeda bloodline, the Lirion Race grew in size and intelligence and as their Technology grew, they achieved space travel and after about 300 years, the Lirion race became a great Galactic Power and were able to travel to other stars.

Chapter - 2 the Lion - Lizard Wars

  As the Lirion's evolved with Queen Andromeda's Royal Bloodline some of the Lirion's started standing upright and walking on their back two legs instead of all four feet. At that time a decision was made, the Royal's would evolve their Bloodline with the other Race's around the Galaxy but keeping the Lirion Soldier D.N.A. Pure Lirion just in case something went horribly wrong with the royal Bloodline. They figured that as long as they still had the Primary Lirion Bloodline intact, they could always start the evolutionary process over again. Below are a couple examples of the Two Bloodlines.

Above is a typical Soldier Lirion below is an example of the Royal Bloodline. At this time it had been about 300 years since Queen Andromeda had crash landed on Lira since then at least four generations of Royal's have been bred as we begin our story Lira has had a Pirate Problem with a Race of Reptilian's from the Draco Constellation.

  The Lizard home world of Draconia had acquired a taste for Lirion Children's Blood; it would extend their lives by Decades and the Reptilian Royal's paid millions of Gold Draco's for Lirion Children, which created quit a large black market for Lirion Children.

  By this time King Leo and Queen Andromeda have been reborn in to the superior Race pictured to the left and the Lirion King and Queen had built a Great Battle Armada of intergalactic Star-ship's and they are known to leave the solar system for many decades at a time searching the Galaxy for Intelligent life forms. They are looking for Technology that they can incorporate into the Great Starfleet Battle Armada and increase Lirion technology. Their goal is to create a Ship that can get close enough to the Sun so it can collect Souls and move them around to other Solar Systems around the Galaxy. There are many Civilization like her parents’ home world that have been destroyed buy Supernova’s and Wars. Many Planet's with advanced Civilizations have blown up their own home worlds from war and Comet strikes. Queen Andromeda did not want what happened to her People to happen to other Races around the Galaxy. Therefore, while the King and Queen were gone on one of their search missions the following events took place.

  Princess Lilith was left in charge of the Lirion Government while the King and Queen were gone and she had taken a fancy to the Son of the Draconian King Pindar. King Pindar was also traveling with King Leo and Queen Andromeda they were out building a Galactic Council from the surrounding Constellations. 

  Since the Pirates have been harassing the shipping lanes between Lira and the Other Constellations, the People of Lira demanded that Princess Lilith had better do something about it. Therefore, while she was Visiting Draconia to hammer out a Peace agreement to Patrol the shipping lanes she fell deeply in love with Prince Pindar, which compromised her loyalty is to Lira and her People. Lilith admired the smooth skin of the Reptilian's whenever Her and Pindar would make Love it excited Lilith more than at any time she had had sex with anyone of her own race. Pindar's long Penis was able to reach deep inside of her giving her great orgasms. Pindar was able to talk her into a Peace agreement that greatly favored his planet. It gave Draconia the responsibility of patrolling the Shipping lanes from Draconia all the way to Lira that left Lira open to attack, but Pindar convinced Lilith that he would protect Lilith and her people.

  Captain Lugh was on Patrol in his Battle Cruiser with the best crew on his planet, all were the Bravest and were the top of their respective classes of 100 males and Female Lirions’ when he received the news of the peace agreement that Princess Lilith had just signed.

  Captain Lugh - Oh my god he yelled out to his First Officer Lieutenant Eve 1st class what is that stupid Bitch Lilith doing now. She just left Lira open to attack I bet she does not even know about their Meteor Weapon being mounted to one of Pindar’s Spacecraft Carriers. I have a bad feeling about this Eve; I think we will be haunted by this Peace treaty. At the time, I did not realize how right I was.

  Eve - Captain I think we need to stay out of site during the Peace Treaty Signing, coming up on Lira.

Captain Lugh - I agree they are having a Giant Parade and Party after the Signing Ceremony in two days lets hide behind the Draconian Moon until after the ceremony. I do not trust those Damn Lizards.

  Two days later Prince Pindar and Princess Lilith are on Lira preparing for the Signing Ceremony after making Love all night Pindar Proposed Marriage to Lilith. She accepted immediately without thinking of the consequences of her decision. As all the media arrived at the signing, All the Pomp and circumstance was televised live on both Planets, and afterward the party of the century began. The Lirion's love to party and drink way too much Beer and after 24 hours of partying, Pindar married Lilith and took off to Draconia to make the announcement of their Marriage public to the Galaxy. But while Pindar and Lilith were En-route to Draconia He gave the Order to Attack while the Lirion's were all Drunk and Passed out down on the planet because of the big celebration. The First wave quietly captured as many Lirion Children as they could in the dark of night. Phase two was to fire the Meteor Cannon and blow up Lira blaming it on a random Comet hitting the planet that no one saw coming. The Spacecraft Carrier that had the Meteor Cannon attached to it, hid in a nearby Nebula. It kept the Lira Radar from picking up the Spacecraft Carrier after they fired the Meteor Cannon the Killer Asteroid flew out of the Nebula at light speed keeping their warning systems from alerting them in time to do anything about it as it hit Lira the whole planet exploded killing everyone immediately.

  Captain Lugh and his crew watched the monitors on their Satellite feed as their Home-world was completely destroyed by the Asteroid. Captain Lugh was so enraged he aimed his Battle Cruiser directly at the Draconian Weapon's Depot as he armed all of his atomic bombs and blowing them up just as his ship rammed the depot blowing Draconia, Pindar, and his New Wife Lilith straight to Hell.

Therefore, we have two solar systems with two Planets destroyed and 2 Billion Souls dead from both Planet's Oh Shit King Leo and King Pindar are going to be pissed when they get back.

This is a resent Image from NASA's Soho satellite; this is a Soul Ship in action.

 Chapter – Three

 Captain Lugh and his Crew become Demon's

  As Captain Lugh and his crew headed towards the Weapons Depot on the surface of the Planet, all they wanted was revenge, with Hate filling their Hearts and Dooming their Souls for eternity as they saw a bright flash of blue light all around them, and then Silence.

  One of the largest differences between Lira and the Draconian Suns is; Draconia has a Red Giant Sun that has energies that are not nearly as intense as Lira's Blue Sun. However, when a Lirion dies on Draconia, their Soul must recharge in the same infrared light of the Red Giant Sun taking their Souls much longer to recharge.

Therefore, since they had no way to Reincarnate, all the Draconian and Lirion Souls spent an eternity at war with each other. Since the Lirions’ were outnumbered and the Energy from the Red Giant did not energize their Souls’ at full power it made the Lirions tired and weak, which gave the Draconian Souls enough strength to annoy the Lirions for what, seemed like an eternity. This is where the Battle of good over Evil really began. Since this was the first time, at least in this Galaxy, that Souls’ from another color of Sun spent an afterlife in the same Sun their fate was unknown.

  The Kings of the Galaxy were out on their latest mission, they now numbered Twenty-four Kings from 12 different Constellations. This simply meant, twelve of the King's came some Solar Systems with White, Yellow of Blue Suns, while the other twelve Dark Kings came from Solar Systems with Red Giant, Green, and Brown Dwarf Suns the balance of good and evil was in check.

  The Original Goals of Queen Andromeda and King Leo was to create the strongest race possible by mixing their D.N.A. with other superior races around the Galaxy and to Create a Super being and they wanted a Soulship that could transport Souls from one Solar system to another. In this way, they only had to transport a few people that can breed with the existing race on the planet and transport Millions of Souls in a Soulship that can be reborn on their new home planet saving a lot of grief for everyone involved. A trip from one constellation to another can take dozens of years for a living being. As a soul of pure static electricity, we have no sense of time making the trip feel like a day or two. It had only been a dream for thousands of years but it finally was close to being realized. The Galactic Council had finally integrated Technologies from all 24 Constellations together creating their first Soulship; it is a Sun in its own right. They can now transport Souls from one Constellation to another. In addition, the Galactic Council now have the ability to create Planets of Gold and Platinum depending on how long they leave the planet next to the sun. What King Leo can now do is take a Comet and using a Tractor Beam, Drag it next to a Sun, and Bombard it with solid and liquid Mercury. Then all they have to do is wait about one or two thousand years for the energy of the Sun to radiate the mercury and start the process of making Gold. A couple of Thousand years is no big Deal since the Ancient Ones can travel around the Galaxy and create other Gold planets while waiting for their older planets to cure. Just going from one Solar System to another Constellation can take a thousand years in the System they left. While only one or two days may have passed for the Galactic Kings Armada. The biggest problem they have is they can only forward in time never backward in time. This is why they are gone for thousands of years at a time.

  At the time of the Lion Lizard wars, the Ancient Ones’ had just moved our Earth over to where Venus is now. Mars was where the Earth is now. The Galactic Kings needed some people power to mine Mars, which has a layer of gold 10 feet thick just sitting on the surface, so King Leo, Queen Andromeda and King Pindar took their Royal Sunship back to Lira just to find a heap of Rubble where the planet used to be. Then they sailed to King Pindar's Home planet of Draconia they found the same, Just Asteroids where their Home Planets used to be. Luckily, their first Soulship was attached to the Royal Sunship, so the first thing King Leo did was go back to the Lirion Sun System and detached the Soulship. Then using a Plasma Beam he vacuumed up all of the Lirion Souls from the clean Blue Sun of Lira. Then he transported them back to the Yellow Sun of Mars and loaded them inside the Sun hoping they could be reborn as Lirions’ on Mars. This was the first time the Galactic Council had tried to transport Souls using this new technology, so they were not sure it would work. Luckily for all of us the Plasma Beam worked and the Galactic Kings created the first race of Martians. They left a small crew of Lirions’ to give birth and raise a work force on the Golden floating cities. The planet was too harsh to live on yet. Now they had to wait for enough Lirions’ to be born on the Floating Cities King Leo left behind. It took several hundred years for enough people to be born for the mining operations to begin. Below is a Carving of what the Martian Lirions’ looked like.


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