Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dreams of Obamas Father are complete

Hello Readers I am sad to say President Barrack Husein Obama has succeeded in his plans to pay back the United States for the Sin's of our Founding Father's.
 Today Sec. of Defense Hagel announced that he will cut our Army Ground Troops down to 440,000 down from 520,000 today. This will be our weakest Troop Force since 1940 Pre WWII this proposed cut is happening just when China and Russia are building Up it military Force strength. Not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood and all of it Terrorist Groups have taken over Iraq and the Civil War in Syria and Soon in the Ukraine. The people who revolted and Won the Battle in the Ukraine I am afraid will be Temporary. The Ukraine is the Bread Basket for Russia and Putin will not give it up Easily once World Attention turns away from the Ukraine Putin will either march troops in or just get another one of his boys Elected.
 Now lets talk about what Obama and John Kerry have done to Israel. First Barry Obama insulted Benjamen Netanyahu at the Whitehouse by Ignoring him and sending him away. Now John Kerry is trying to force Israel to give up more Land to Hamas while Iran keeps Refining Uranium to make Nuclear Weapons. The whole Planet is about to Explode and Obama keeps flying around the Country In Air-force 1 lying about how many people have signed up for Obamacare. He keeps saying 10 million people have signed up when the actual number is more like 1.2 million People. He keeps counting the 6 million Medicaid Customers that were already in the program. What ever the numbers are doesn't really matter to me. I am 50 years old and I have never had to pay for medical insurance except for paycheck deductions.
 Lets talk about the economy before Obama leaves Office we will owe over 20 Trillion Dollars we can never pay that back. But just like F.D.R had to start WWII to get out of the Great Depression that His Own Economic policy's kept going Obama is going down the same path except for one thing. Obama does not want the United States to ever Recover. I bet our Country will be permanently broken up. I know the New World Order wants Canada ,Mexico and the United States to be one Region out of Ten. Maybe that will happen first and than the Civil War will begin ? Either way we are screwed.
 So in closing pick your Poisen the United States will be attacked from every direction Economic , Islamic Terrorism , Russia and China attacking as soon as any one of those things happen.
 If it were me I would have the Iranian Destroyers fire a Nuke 200 miles above Kansas causing an E.M.P. turning the power off all over North America  then have Chinese or N. Korean Subs fire Nuclear Missile's on the Major cities on the West Coast and after that happens unleash all the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist inside of our Country then all that will be left will be a few State Militias hiding and fighting to survive.
 It may sound crazy but I don't think so. I just hope the Rapture happens before all that but I think Obama is our Punishment for Roe v Wade and the Murder of 55 Million Babies in our country alone and now that Gay Marriage is being legalized all over the country plus the Harbingers of 9-11 we might just have all that Hell coming at us because we deserve it.
 I almost forgot to mention all the Billions of Rounds of Hollow-point Ammunition that all the Federal Government agency's have been buying up , the Postal Service, Parks & Rec. the E.P.A. and all the rest.
 If you still say but we still have the Navy think again , I just saw an overhead Picture of Norfolk Navel Station with 6 Aircraft Carriers Moored. It takes a long time to refit an Aircraft Carrier for Sea Tours so we are already Naked to the World and just Laying here waiting to be Raped and Obama is laughing at the Corporate Media for letting him do it to us.