Thursday, April 14, 2016

Putin is Now Buzzing our Navy Destroyers

Russia has been running bomb runs on our Navy ships and Obama does nothing. Back when I was In the Air force we wouldn't let an Enemy Aircraft within 200 miles of our Aircraft Carriers. I don't even think we have an Aircraft Carrier in the Area because Obama has cut funding for the U.S. Military. Putin is telling the U.S. Navy that he can sink that Navy Destroyer at anytime and the political pundits just Laugh and say we will destroy them but that would be the start of WW-III and Obama says nothing at all. I just thought I would let the world know how close to all hell breaking loose we are. Kim Jun Il is threatening to Nuke Wash. D.C. and Slaughter South Korea. I worry about that missing 777 being used to carry a Nuclear Bomb and Destroying Wash. DC WE will see.