Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2 Days After the 4th Blood Moon, It Begins

Russia and Vladimir Putin  began Bombing American sponsored Syrian Rebels and this happened just one day after Obama and Putin had a one on one meeting at the U.N. Headquarters in New-York lol... this will definitely go down in history as the day WW-III began or at least a major prelude to WW-III on the same day Obama met Putin he also met with the Cuban President Juan Castro and he demanded a Trillion Dollars worth of reparations from 50 years of the Cuban embargo, So that's two end-time revaluations that will end up affecting Israel especially with the Unholy Alliance between Russia, Syria and Iran that has emerged. Earlier today a Russian General knocked on the Door of the American embassy in Iraq  and told our Ambassador that Russia was going to start bombing Syrian Rebels and told the Americans that they had better stay out of Syrian Airspace or else. So here we go, now watch as the rest of the World abandons the U.S. Dollar just because Obama is so weak the rest of the Free world has lost all confidence in American Power and the will to use it. May God take Mercy on our Soul's because Russia's Putin and the Chinese will not.