Friday, August 1, 2014

Israel must adapt Tactics to reverse H.A.M.A.S Battle Tactic's to win Public Opinion.

 I was noticing how the Hamas Fighters ran away from the building that they were launching Missiles from , The solution to this problem is simple.
 When the Israeli Military drops a phony noise bomb on top of a Roof wait for the Hamas Cowards to run away and have an Attack Helicopter shoot the Shit out of anyone running away from the building and make sure all those Brainwashed inbred Palestinian's See them being killed like the Cowards that they are.

As far as those Tunnels are concerned , this is the easiest problem to solve. Simply boobietrap the tunnels with nerve gas or Napalm and when the cowards sneak across the Israeli border make sure you Kill every single one of those Evil Bastards .
 If Israel fails to heed my warnings Obama and his ISIS and HAMAS buddies will win the public opinion Battle and possibly the war