Monday, September 22, 2014

What's a I.S.I.L and why are we Bombing Syria ?

Just when you thought we are War Weary Obama is starting ANOTHER War what the Fuck?
Fill your Coffee or Drink Glass and lets try to figure this Shit out.
  First I.S.I.L. is really I.S.I.S. which are Sunni Muslims that were shit on by the Iraq President that we installed , If you want to know his name read a real Newspaper if you can find one.
Our chance to bomb them passed several years ago now they will have to be hunted down and Killed by somebody's Boots on the ground , Obama said they wont be ours but Barry Ho is a Known Liar so that means it will be our Boots hitting the Ground every General agrees with me but most of them are War Mongers but that is what will be needed after I.S.I.S. strikes back here at home assuming we believe all those people that went over and fought with I.S.I.S. have returned home. But don't forget about all those Journalist's that they still have in I.S,I,S. Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.
You know that more Journalists will be Be Headed. So now that Obama decided to start another War I wonder if Israel will join the fun and blow up Iran's Nuclear Plant ? I know I would.
  Now lets play this out a little farther lets say these lone wolf I.S.I.S, Fighters  start attacking schools and shopping malls Obama gets to declare Martial Law and now the Feds and Local Cops start going Door to Door confiscating guns Oh No now we have a civil war start because I will never be taken alive and I bet a lot of other people feel the same way.
Remember way back when Obama said that arming a bunch of Moderate Muslims would be a Fools errand well guess what We are now going to Train 5000 Moderate Syrian Rebels and its only going to take a year LOL.... Oh shit I just Pee-d a little. Now remember that we just spent 10 years training Iraq-es and they threw down their weapons and ran like little girls I'm glad I.S.I.S caught them and cut off their heads fuck them all I am sick and tired of the whole damn thing.
 So what are we doing ? starting World War III so hang On and get ready for some real Socialist Hell.
 Until somebody grows some balls and removes Obama and all of his Cronies we are just in for more of the same Shit different day.