Saturday, April 18, 2015

I.S.I.S. Terror Training Camps reported South of the Border

Alex Jones is investigating Terror Training Camps just across our Southern Border. I don't know much yet but I will give more complete details when we get them. I just want the people to know about the Stories the the Main Stream Media won't Touch. 

Gold Mine in Oregon looking for Patriots to Defend the Constitution

An Oregon Gold Mine is under Assault by the B.L.M. they put out the call for Fighters. The E.P.A. and the B.l.M. have teamed up to destroy all Capitalism and Reign in Marxism Let me warn you Millions have Died for Gold . We might have scared the Nevada B.L.M. but that was just about water. Obama and the New World Order want to Kill us off and Let China Steal our Gold the Time to Stand is quickly Approaching. Stand and Deliver You Fucking Federal Cocksuckers we will Destroy you pussies.   

Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's Real Father

Obama's Commie Whore Mother

I couldn't make this up and I tried. Obama is a Red Diaper Doper Baby and I thought they were just a myth. Obama's Mother Ann Dunham spent Ten Summers at Frank Marshall Davis's House and even performed Porn for him to Grow the Communist Party here in America. Its amazing what those New World Order types will try to get away with.  You can read the book above or go to for all the juicy details. I am sure a lot more will come out on this story so expect this blog to be updated when more information comes out.