Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Art of the Deal and What"s Wrong with those People?

This is one of King Jesus's Soul Ships transferring souls into our sun. These Soul Ships are made of pure Gold

First of all let me address what Donald Said about not letting any Islamist's in our Country until the State Department get's their collective Shit together.
  In the Art of the Deal Trump's book he says 1. You must be serious about making a Deal 2. You ALWAYS start with the most extreme conditions you can think of and then when you negotiate a compromise you usually get what you were after in the first place which is always something in the middle. Besides we still have a year of Obama and his pen and phone to deal with before he is Gone Unless somebody out there with some big Balls blows that Motherfuckers Head off before then lol...
  What the FUCK is wrong with you people in the Defense department letting Women get killed in War. For one thing very few women can even handle carrying a 50 pound pack and a M-16.
 Now let me tell you a story about when I was in the Air force. Way back in 1981 I joined the Air force and became a Jet Engine Mechanic  I was in a J-79 jet engine shop ,those are the Engines that were in the old F-4s Pigs in space lol. anyway we had four Crews with 4 people per crew. We had an all women crew and they could never get an Engine through test Cell.
  The reason we had an all women Jet crew was because at first we all had one woman on each crew but they turned all of us in for Sexual Harassment. Men like to laugh and tell jokes at work at least we used too and all the little bitches got offended so after they sent us a Female staff Sargent we put them on a crew together. They have just destroyed our Military WWIII has already started. Turkey has a Blockade going pinning the Russian Fleet in Crimeria and the Russians have their best and latest Anti aircraft missiles SS-400 stationed on the Syrian border. So all we need is one little mistake  and the World blows up and we have a completely useless President with a run down bare bones Military and we will have a bunch of women on the front lines being killed and Raped. Israel needs to have Women in their military just because of their low population  and being surrounded by their enemies on every border their women will be killed and raped and sold in to slavery anyway if they get invaded  so I don't even want to hear that excuse. With all this going on Obama and Kerry are giving away trillion of dour dollars in France for their new climate change Bullshit.
Hopefully King Jesus of the Leo Constellation the Galactic Ruler will Forgive our Souls.
  May we all live in Interesting Times.

                                                                                     Writer Dan Antonson  12/12/15