Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mass Beheading's in Iraq by the Terrorist Group Isis

 The Same Army of Muslim Terrorist that has been waging war in Syria is now Beheading their way through Iraq. I guess Maliki should have signed a status of Forces agreement LOL. Obama went on the T.V today and said he will do nothing until maybe sometime next week . So ISIS has all weekend to Rape and Pillage Baghdad and capture the City . Lets make sure everyone that Died or was Injured fighting in IRAQ should email the White-house and his Corporate Media Pigs and Thank them for wasting your Blood and Treasure for nothing.
  The scene above could soon be taking Place in the United States if I'm right about Murderous Muslims sneaking across the Border while Border Agents are being overwhelmed by Children being sent to the United States by there Parents.
 Here is another picture of our Future , Mass be headings in the streets and Crucifixions on the street corners.
I wonder what this poor Bastard was being tortured for ? Being a Christian I would Bet . Just remember never let those Pigs take you alive throw some boiling Bacon Grease in their Face and try to slice their Throat because they will do the same to you Draw first Blood. I was going to wait but Baghdad will fall before Monday I would Bet.

Border Patrol being overwhelmed by Children

Just when you didn't think the Illegal Alien problem couldn't get any worse , President Obama has made it worse by promising to let all the Dream Children become Citizens of the United States. In 2011 there were only 6500 children caught sneaking across our Southern Border. As of Friday the 13th this June 2014 over 90,000 Children are expected to cross the Border this year alone. Next year it is supposed to be over 150,000 Kids and 10 Times more than that the year after.
 It has already been proven that the Drug Cartels are smuggling all kinds of Drugs and Muslim Terrorist across the Border while the Border Agents are busy rounding up Children. This is Classic Cloward and Piven strategy to overload the system and it is working. It is being said that the Border Patrol will collapse before the end of the month. The Border Patrol is dropping Kids at the Arizona Bus stations and telling them to report to Ice in 15 days. It won't be long now before the whole system blows up. I am sure much more on this will be said it will lead to an attack that will make 9/11 look like a Barbecue so get ready for Hell to be unleashed , I bet that missing 777 will be involved in the Attack. The Children are also being sold in Tesas as Sex Slaves so we can thank Obama for modern day Slavery as well.