Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Climate Change caused by Magnetic Pole shift not CO 2 output

Maybe some of you are wondering why it's so cold after all Al Gore promised it was going to warm up LOL...
 It turns out our magnetic Pole is collapsing , it is down 15% over the last 200 years but that is not the scary part. The Magnetic North Pole has been migrating Southeastward about 10 miles a year during most of the 20th century and the early part of this Millennium. But last year alone a Scientist from England claims the Magnetic North Migrated 140 km. in 2013 alone. Along with all the Cesium radiation leaking from Fukishima that is heating up the Pacific Ocean and killing all the Plankton which feeds smaller fish which are food for all the Seal's and other large Mammals. Seals along the coast of Alaska are dying in large amounts along with melting Starfish on the west coast all of these conditions have caused the Jet stream to move west and North. Here in Fairbanks where I live it has been 30 degrees above 0 when normal temperatures this time of year would be 0 to -40. At the same time the East coast and the Midwest of the U.S. are getting sub zero temperatures.
 I have been saying for some time that a Pole shift was in progress but I finally got some confirmation Tonight on Coast to Coast am. So now you have something to discuss around the water Cooler tomorrow.  Stay Warm    

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Real U.S. Unemployment 37 %

Its Funny last week I posted on my Facebook Page that I thought the Real U.S. unemployment had to be at least 30 %. Then yesterday Paul Bedard from the Washington Examiner wrote a story confirming my suspicion's. I kept hearing that 92 million people were out of work in the U.S. and since I know we have about 320 million People in our country how could unemployment possibly be 6.9 percent. I have known for years that the Obama Administration has been lying about the Unemployment Numbers since the Congress has been extending unemployment every year , which meant that nobody could open a new claim for new unemployment benefits.
  I am a A Seasonal worker and the corrupt Government Union that runs our Borough only lets me work 900 hours a year so instead of filing a new claim every year they just kept extending a claim I opened in 2008. During Thanksgiving it finally ran out and I was finally able to open a New Claim although the Fed screwed me for Thanksgiving Holiday.
 from what I read 220 Million People are of working age and the rest of the Nation are Children or Retired. So if you think the Recession never ended you would right.
 On top of that Moody's down graded our Health Insurance Industry down to Poor which means soon everybody with Health Insurance will be Shit out of Luck by the end of the year if not sooner. Today Target announced that they will no longer insure their part time workers. It is just a matter of time before all the other Retail company's follow suit.    

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fascist L.A. Cops aquitted after beating Homeless Man to Death

Kelly Thomas before beating
Kelly Thomas after beating
 Another story You will not here from the Corporate Media.

Murderous L.A Pigs Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos

Kelly Thomas Died after 5 days in the Hospital after 6 L.A. Pigs spent an hour beating him to death. You should view the whole Video at http://www.newamericanmedia.com There you will see L.A. Pigs Jay Cicinelli ans Manuel Ramos put on Rubber gloves and beat Kelly Thomas for an Hour welcome to the Police state. If these guy continue to get away with this it is only a matter of Time before WE will be in Kelly Thomas's Shoes.I believe All these vicious Pigs are being assembled by Cal. Gov. Moonbeam these Fascist Pigs are just an extension of his Administration just like Gov. Chris Christie is using Union Mob Boss tactics to get things done in New Jersey.

Ex Fullerton, CA Cops Should Have Been Convicted In Kelly Thomas Murder. Agree Or Disagree?

Ex Fullerton, CA Cops Should Have Been Convicted In Kelly Thomas Murder. Agree Or Disagree?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Obamacare strikes again

I can't believe I have 2 more story's today on Obamacare. First story that is important Is that a White hat Web Hacker testified that the Obamacare website is a security Nightmare. I am shocked that the Federal government is keeping the Obamacare website up and running. Just wait until the Fed. ever gets the back end of the website up and running. They can't even tell us how many people have paid their Obamacare premiums. 
 Good God what are they thinking , Obama must know the end of the world is coming because this Obamacare Nightmare will blow up in Their faces eventually.
  The next big Story is the Federal Gov. is lying about the number of people that have signed up for the Affordable Health care act.
 Obama said 6 million people have signed up for Obamacare but the truth is only 350,000 people are on record for signing up for Obamacare. That means that the only people that have signed up are old and or Sick , so the cost to us will go through the Roof. Don't get sick people. Tonight I just heard on ABC news on the radio that Emergency Room waiting time has gone from 45 minutes to an Hour and a Half. We are so screwed , I always got Health and dental insurance through my Job's but that ship has sailed.
 We all know this Obamacare is just a Ruse to get Single payer installed just like Europe but who would trust our government with their Health care after watching how incompetent the Federal Government is. I know I wouldn't but maybe I am the only one left with any common sense. I guess it's all my fault because I do not own a cell phone and my brain still works.
 Don't even get me started about Fukishima.     

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senate Probe on Benghazi - Obama and Hillary Lied and 4 People Died

I have already written a 5000 word article on Benghazi and what happened so I will keep this short and sweet. On August 14th 2011 Amb. Chris Stevens Begged for more Security for Tripoli and the Benghazi embassies. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton ignored his appeal for help.
 On Sep11th 2011 Libyan rebels attacked the Benghazi Embassy over a Gun Buy back deal gone wrong. That same night Chris Stevens had Dinner with the Libyan Ambassador. As soon as the Libyan Ambassador Left the rebels Attacked the Embassy and Sodomized Chris Stevens and had him dragged through the streets.
 The defense Department confirmed that The top General in charge of the African Command met with Top White house officials Including Hillary Clinton , Barrack Obama and Leon Panetta. The whole Internet Video story was a ruse from the beginning. If you still trust anything the white-house
or the Federal government tells you You are a Fool and deserve all the Reckoning that is coming. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Political Bullshit the Whitehouse has pulled for the week of 1/5/2014

I Just wanted to document a few things going on in the World. Did anyone else think it was Funny that 12 Hours after the Robert Gates Quotes came out from his new Book that the Gov. Chris Christie bridge scandal came out ?

1. You know the Quotes President Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton were against the Afghanistan Surge for Political Reason’s.

2. Obama didn’t even think his own strategies for the Surge would work.

What is even Worse , Obama moved Heaven and Earth to go to the South African President’s Funeral in Africa , but wont even go to Israel's President’s Funeral , he is Sending Joe Biden. What a snub against are Last Friend in the Region.