Saturday, March 12, 2016

MoveOn.Org & Black Lives Matter- Bush and Obama's New World Order Terror Troops

Black Lives Matter & Move On . Org are Whore's for the New World Order

It is apparent that the Bush Family and the D.N.C. are so scared of Donald Trump they have hired Black Lives Matter and Bill Ayers Move On. Org to Disrupt Trump Rallies. Next Time I hope Some one with a Monster Truck drives over that pathetic Barricade and Grind those New World Terror Troops in to Hamburger. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

G.O.P.Hostile TakeOver, Nuclear War, Saudi Army Amassing on Syrian Border

They is so much going on, Let's Start with Saudi Arabia Running War Games on the Syrian Border using 350,000 Islamic Mercenary Troops. They are a Coalition of Arab Nations bought and paid for by the Saudi Royal Family. They are there to defend the Saudi Border against Putin I think? This is mainly because Obama is trying to play both sides the Sunni's aka I.S.I.S is the Saudi Royal family and the Shiites are the Iranian's and P.L.O. Wing all a bunch of Inbred Religious Fanatic's that will have to be destroyed completely, Brainwashed nut jobs can not be healed. This really could be the beginning of the Gog Magog War?
Chinese Aircraft Carrier
  On the Other side of the World N. Korea Kim Jung ill has told his Army to be prepare to fire Nuclear Weapons. The Pinhead Pundit's keep saying he is blowing Hot Air because they Can't put a Nuke on a Missile yet, But Iran is working with N. Korea and Probably China and Russia so we will see what happens. We also have Three Aircraft Carrier Battle Fleet's next to China so we are super Weak and spread out all over the World.
  The Civil War has gone Nuclear between Trump and Trump Supporters and those Fucking Piece's of Shit's Karl Rove and Mitt Romney. They think by bashing Donald Trump they can get their mindless drones In Florida, Ohio to waste their Votes between Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. The Big secret is I support Trump because Everybody Hates him and both sides of the Political Spectrum Democrat's and the Republican's and The Media. GO TRUMP lol...