Friday, March 28, 2014

What’s the New World Orders Battle Plan ?

I have been waiting to see if they find any parts of that Missing Malaysian 777 but so far nothing has been found. My contention since the beginning is the New World Order is behind the whole thing. I have thought since the beginning that it will be used to start WW III I believe it was either flown to Diego Garcia or to Somalia. It will be loaded with an N. Korean Nuclear Bomb and detonated over an American City or Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. I noticed everyone connected with the Malaysian Government and Airlines have a Muslim Sounding last name , I don’t believe in coincidence's . After China started giving Red Herrings about Satellite Pictures in a completely different part of the Ocean. I knew something was Fishy I am still waiting for them to find a piece of Wreckage. I am still waiting 2 days later and 700 miles off course this is the Biggest Cover Up in History I don’t think they will find anything except wreckage from the March 11 2011 Japanese Earthquake.

I am going to post this but I will Edit this as soon as we hear something.