Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Riding Hard and Fast

We have all been taught the the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are White, Red,Black and Pale Green. But the Real Truth is The White Horseman is Catholicism the last Pope is already presiding in the Vatican. He is a Full blown Marxist and promotes Communism as the way of the Future . He is teaching against the Doctrine of the Church and has given everyone who believes in the Traditional Teachings of the Church the Last Pope is a Jesuit Priest from South America and helped the Communist Government  come to power back in his Home country.
  Communism is the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse. If you have been  paying attention at all You should Know Vladimir Putin has already invaded and took over Georgia and Crimea and he has his sights on he rest of the Ukraine. He will join together with China to defeat the Evil plans of the Black and Green Horseman of the Apocalypse.
 The Black Horseman is Capitalism and that means Barrack Hussein Obama is him, Lets look at his Several lies that he has told the world.
 If you like your Health Insurance you can keep your Health INSURANCE  and He repeated it over 22 times on Worldwide Television.This little Law will Bankrupt every State in the Union plus he has created the 29 hour work week making people work multiple Jobs and still don't have Insurance.It has already caused well over Six-million Business owners to lose their Insurance because their Premiums have sky-rocketed.
 The Benghazi Embassy Attack was be cause a stupid U-Tube Film that nobody has ever seen. Susan Rice went on the Five biggest Sunday morning talk shows to spread that lie and that led to Him Winning his Re election.
 Now he just Destroyed the Internet  with Obama-net thanks a lot all you Marxist pin headed Geeks out there who pushed this.
  The Pale Green Horseman is Islamism and they want to start a Caliphate  with the Blood of Christens and Jews and they are financed by Saudi Arabia and our own CIA. They are nothing but Rabid Dogs that need to be Put Down Hard. They have just kidnapped 400 Christens in Northern Iraq and are Raping and Murdering them as we speak. They have been burning people Alive in Cages for fun They are a Muslim Death Cult just like the Thugies and they will Kill until they are Slaughtered completely but there is no one that will stop them.
  It is hard to say how bad things are going to get but all of these forces working separately will destroy our world Economy and it will make everyone left alive begging for somebody to come in and save them. I am pretty sure I know who it is But Know this the Antichrist is Created not born. That is Why he first must be killed by a seemingly Fatal Head Wound after he is killed his Body will have Pindar's Evil Soul transferred in to him. But that's another blog. If you want to learn more download my Book The Grand Galactic Experiment