Images of King Jesus's Soul Ships and Sun Ships

Old Sun Ship only 2 Tiers

Soul Ship around the Sun in 2016 from NASA's Soho Solar Satellite

The Mothership
New Jerusalem

This is what King Jesus's Sunship will look like upon its return the smallest section will be for us.

Chapter Eight-Earth Builds its first Soulship

After King Leo had Lugh Electrocuted for impregnating his newest Queen Seri he discovered that he had a problem building a platform strong enough for Building and igniting his newest model of Soul Ship. Therefore, before King Leo installed Lugh as a Sun God he had him Incarnated as his youngest Master builder. Lugh was born as a human Lion hybrid his father was King Leos’ current Master builder Loki Sr. So since Royal names and Titles are important Lughs’ name in this Life was Loki Jr. Loki's father had been trying different Soulship foundation schemes, he tried using the standard circle type, but the Sphere kept rolling off the platform during construction. The New design of the Soul ship called for the sphere to have an unbalanced Plasma load to spin at high speed during construction and ignition of the Soul Ship. Every Soulship had to have a different power formulation for each Zodiac Destination.

The first design was round and they wasted Twelve years building it before discovering its fatal flaw, the ship kept rolling off the platform so they had to start over from the beginning. Even one small dent in the Skin of the Soul ship would cause an explosion big enough to kill every living thing on the planet, not to mention blow a big enough hole in the planet to create a new Ocean.

Loki Sr. next design was a square Platform, it was the same design they used for landing the Freighters’ and the Sun Ship on. Unfortunately, during Ignition it exploded; Destroying Puma Punku and radiating the site so badly it had to be abandoned. Luckily, whenever they attempt to ignite a Soul ship they evacuate all the technicians’ from a ten-mile square area around the Ignition Point. Only the two Ancient Ones’ lighting the ignition point were killed igniting the Soulship. That set them back another 18 years that is how long it takes to complete a Soul ship assuming you have enough Gold and Platinum.

  Loki Jr spent his entire young life learning about Soulships and engineering; he was 18 when he watched Puma Punku destroyed. After that event, a light went off in his brain, and he came up with the design for the Temple of the Sun. He used a pyramid design and instead of balancing it on top of it for construction, he wanted to suspend the Sphere above the Pyramid using the electromagnetic power of the Earth itself. In-addition we could use the pyramid as a Power Plant to process all the Gold Ore and the heavy metals. It was a risky design but Loki bet his reputation and his life on his Idea.

   It would take another 18 Years to Build the Pyramid Platform and Soulship. Loki Jr. was now 36 and he had just spent his entire life on the Soulship project. Everything he has ever learned or done has lead up to the minute they started the ignition system of Earths first Soulship.

  You could feel the Electricity in the air as the Ancient Ones’ started the Ignition Sequence. First Prince Kronos arms’ the North side of the Sphere while his brother Prince Kolos simultaneously started the firing sequence for the Southside of the Sphere. As both sides began rotating in the opposite direction of each other: sparks started emanating between the two halves’ as the sparks turned into a Yellow Glow; then that yellow turned orange then Red then Blue and finally White-hot. As the white glow began spreading towards both, the North and Southern poles of the Sphere, the crowd watching on monitors from the Safe Area cheered! After all this has been a 48-year Venture.

  Then Kronos and Kolos simultaneously punched the Release clamps and headed for cover as the Soulship slowly rose in to the Heavens while the crowd cheered. It was the most beautiful thing Loki had ever seen.

  As the Soulship achieved orbit the Crowd went insane with glee that night the Ancient ones called for a Festival of Light to begin and forever mark the day We finally launched Earths first Soulship, it was the Winter equinox forever to be known As the Solstice.

 As the celebration began, the Lirion-Miners, Engineers, and the Two Ancient Ones’ Princes Kronos and his brother Kolos all gathered at the Sun ball court at the town square. This is where Prince Kronos could finally tell us the Destination of the Soul Ship. He announced it was going to a giant star in the Orion’s Belt called Beetlejuice. Kronos told the people that when they arrive back here on Earth and mix their Race with ours our Male and Females would look different! The women will have soft skin and curvier bodies’ and we will all be able to walk upright and enjoy Sex, even more than we do now as Kronos gave out a huge belly laugh, at that the people cheered, and the festivities began. The Rumors were already flying about where the next Soulship would be going. The Taurus constellation had the biggest buzz; but since King Leo was across the Galaxy on another mission, only he knew for sure. As the celebration went on throughout the Evening, the Soulship would traverse across the sky several times. It would turn night into day for about an hour then after it dipped below the horizon it would get dark again but then the Northern lights’ would dance across the sky as the Soulship would rise again making the Evening Magical.

 Loki’s wife had gone home to care after their four children and get some sleep; she knew this was the biggest night in Loki’s life so she told him to enjoy himself. Loki was drinking with Kronos and his wife Rhea and having a good time when Kronos passed out and Kolos left to go to bed. Rhea moves over next to Loki and asks if he could walk her home since Kronos was passed out. Loki said sure, as they left and headed for the Temple, Rhea stops Loki and gives him a deep passionate kiss exciting Loki so badly he Pulls her back behind some Bushes and makes Love to her that begins a Multi-Year Love affair Between Loki and Rhea. Loki even Impregnates Rhea and has his baby that ensures Loki will be able to reincarnate in to the royal lineage. However as usual, History repeated itself and after several years, Prince Kronos catches Loki and Rhea having sex in the Temple. It infuriated Kronos so much he grabbed Loki with both hands, but before Kronos ripped Loki in half: Loki told Kronos that one day your own Child would Kill you and take your throne away from you. That with made Kronos so mad he Ripped Loki in half and threw him in the ocean.
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