How King Jesus Created our Galaxy

One of King Jesus's Soul Ships around our Sun 2016
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History of the Galactic Ruler and the Sun God’s


Long before the Lion – Lizard War’s and Earth is where Mercury is now there was a Planet called Lira in the Leo Constellation. It was a Beautiful planet with a Blue Sun and on that planet were Intelligent Animals. Some had wings like Butterflies and bodies like Fish others that ruled had Lion type Bodies with Wings like Eagles it was an amazing Planet. It was such a Special place the Love Force God had been watching and guiding those beings from the Beginning of Lira. However, like everything else in this Universe you must grow and learn as a Race or die out and start over again. You can destroy a Body and a World but as long as Your Sun stays, Intact and Functioning your Soul will survive

The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approx...

The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. The image also shows Messier 32 and 110, as well as NGC 206 (a bright star cloud in the Andromeda Galaxy) and the star Nu Andromeda

  Assuming the Love Force God came here from another Galaxy probably the Andromeda Galaxy. Since Andromeda is closest to our own Milky Way Galaxy. From Here on Lets, call the Love Force God - Goddess Andromeda.

Therefore, after a few Thousand Years of Goddess Andromeda’s Love and Guidance she took a liking to one of the Winged Lions or Griffins that went by the name Leo. Leo seemed to stand out above the rest of the Lirion’s He was much more Intelligent and Braver then the rest. There was one big problem for the Goddess Andromeda she was much larger the Leo there is no way they could ever be together as they were  I don’t know what she looked like or how big she was but she she knew the secret of life.

All she had to do was spread her D.N.A. in to the Lirion population, and since she could not mate with them she had to eat them, but that is only half the process. The Goddess Andromeda had to die and be eaten by the Lirion people, and that is exactly what happened next. The Lirion Lions being upset that their Goddess started to eat their own came up with a plan to kill and eat the Goddess Andromeda. They thought that by eating her their own powers would be enhanced, and in a way, they were. However, not in the way they thought.

However, before Andromeda could be reincarnated as a Lirion she had to do a Tour as a Sun God. From what I have been able to induce is that a tour as a Sun God lasts about 2000 Years. It may seem like a very long time but when you are a light-being, managing Souls in the Sun and Deciding whom is reincarnated and when, time just flies by. I do not know how long Lirion people lived, maybe 100 years or 1000 years like Enoch or Ezekiel. However, being a Sun God has its advantages. Andromeda was able to incarnate as Leo’s girl next door or tree whatever they lived in. Leo and Andromeda finally were able to grow up together, marry, and have children of their own.

When Andromeda arrived, she brought Space Travel Technology with her and when she died, the Lirions’ inherited it and improved it. Then they adapted it for their own size bodies, so when Leo and Andromeda became adults they were able to buy a space Shuttle of their own and venture in to deep space. They traveled to the nearest Constellation they sailed to Orion first and made friends with King Orion where they forged an Alliance with King Orion to travel to the nearest 10 other constellations’ We now know they as the 12 Zodiacs.

As they traveled from one Zodiac to the other, forging Alliances with the other Zodiac King’s their Ship grew larger after every stop. They made it modular so each of the Kings and Queens could just plug in their own ships to the main ship because each Life form needed their own Light and Air and Gravity; it all depends on the color of their own Sun and the Size of their planet.

The Zodiac Rulers first goal was to find a large source of Gold, One of purposes’ for the Gold is for Shielding their Sun Ship from all the different types of Solar Radiation and for Electronics. One of the other purposes is to refine the Gold down to a white Powder that extends life. After All the Zodiac Rulers combined all their Technologies in to all of their ships the Sun-Ship became the most powerful vessel in the Known Universe. Every being in the Galaxy feared and respected the wishes and Laws the Zodiac Kings and Queens.Planet No. 16b After combining all of their knowledge the Zodiac Rulers could now create a Sun and control the Color and temperature of that Sun. They even discovered how to create Gold, now pay attention. This is good, after creating a Sun they drag in a small planetoid and cover it with a thick coat of Mercury and place it as close as they can to their newly created Sun, and let it cook for a couple of thousand years.

 When the Zodiac Kings return, they begin to repeat this process by constituting an Orbit Shift or a Pool Shot, as I like to call it, more on this later. They blast the new Planetoid with a solar Flare to where Venus is now. Then they drag an Asteroid from the Asteroid Belt to add a Moon around the New Planet to increase the pressure on the planet to about 900 psi to squeeze the planet for a couple thousand more years. This process also acts as a Security System; it keeps anybody from prematurely Mining or Poaching the planet until the return of the Zodiac Kings. Then after that, they move the planet about where our earth is now so they can start mining it for Gold.

The Zodiac Kings thought all was well in the Galaxy, so they flew somewhere far off in the Galaxy to explore and create additional Solar Systems. The only problem now, is when they travel through space - time is different. One day for them is a 1000 years on the planet they left behind so when they take off for a week 7 thousand years can go by and that is when the Lion -Lizard wars took place between Lira and Draconia. That War destroyed 3 Planets and 1.5 Billion Lives.

 When King Leo and the other Rulers returned and found out what had happened they realized that all the Reptilians respected was Power and Strength and they destroyed themselves to get it. The Zodiac Kings decided to start a experiment on this new Planet they were about to start mining called earth. As you, know if you read my other work Marduk was also destroyed during the Lion Lizard Wars. Luckily, Marduk had already been mined out of Gold and were just about finished Mining Mars when all hell broke loose.

Earth was a real freak show of life back then

Ancient Love Ritual

Take a good look at this picture above, this is taken from a Sumerian tablet these people really knew how to party. I think this is a picture of the Children of the Zodiac rulers procreating here on earth. Some evolved up while others evolved Downward and in the middle, we shall meet. This is where the Giant Nephilim came from. The biggest problem with being a Giant is they need to eat a lot of Meat, which usually ends up in Cannibalism when food gets short. After the 40 years of traveling through the Sinai Dessert, the Jews finally crossed in to the Promised Land to kill the Giants. What the Jews did not know is those Giants they killed, came back as their own human children. Life is on the wheel what comes around goes around.

History of the Lion – Lizard War’s and beyond

Draconian (Doctor Who)

Enkidu and Gilgamesh out for a Hunt Crap I lost my Wings, But at least I can walk upright

 Long before any written History and Earth was where Venus is Now There were Two Planets Battling to the Death. Lira is in the Leo Constellation and Draconis in the Draco Constellation. Lira had a Feline Race called the Lirion’s they were a Strong and fierce and Proud Race. On the other side was a Reptilian Race called the Draconian‘s and they were obsessed with obtaining the Power and Creativity of the Lirion’s. The Draconian’s are a very Intelligent race as far as Math and Science are concerned, they were very good at stealing other Races Ideas and using them to destroy. Unfortunately, they lacked the Creativity to evolve to the next level. Their greatest Crime is they would Kidnap the children of Lira and Torture them before killing them for their Blood. As it gave them, extended Life as well as using the Red Headed Adult Females for their power of magic and crossing into other dimensions. For several decades the Draconian s would Travel in their Dragon-cruiser Spaceships and run Pirate raids on Lirion Cargo-cruisers, kidnapping whom they wanted and killing everybody else and destroyed the ship along with all the evidence. It is a very dangerous Galaxy out there so you are on your own once you leave your own Constellation. Plus King Leo and the Other Zodiac Kings had been gone for several Hundred Years Creating other Gold and Platinum Planet’s all over the Galaxy so that’s how the Most devastating War this Galaxy has ever seen got started.

   The reason Lira was destroyed was the treacheries of one of Lira’s own Leaders, A Bitch Named Lilith’ she was Lira’s Ambassador to Draco. She arranged a Peace treaty between Draco and Lira it was a grand Event with lots of Celebration after the treaty be signed. The Lirion’s are very Gullible and Trusted the Draconian’s  to honor the Peace Treaty and that was their undoing the same evening after everybody was Drunk and passed out Pindar sent his most trusted Captain in to Lira’s Planetary Antimatter power Plant and caused it to overload by blowing up the cooling tower leaving Lira defenseless. The Draconian’s were hiding in a dusty Nebula just outside the Lira Solar System with a Full Battle Armada with a Planet Busting Meteor Gun. The Lirion’s did not even see it coming 30 minutes after using the Meteor Gun Lira was a pile of Floating Debris. The rest of the Draconian Battle Armada Swarmed the Parked Lirion battle fleet destroying all but one ship Luckily Captain Lugh had quit drinking 20 years before and did not trust anybody so he and his crew were the only ones to escape.

Lilith had been having an affair with the Draconian Kings Son, Pindar for several years and thought she deserved a much higher status then just being a Draconian Ambassador .She caused the destruction of her own Planet and stabbed her own people in the back to become Princess of Draco. Her only mistake was leaving an Old Toothless Lion named Lugh alive. I cannot remember exactly how it happened, but it had to do with overloading the engines on Lira’s last Battle Cruiser and ramming the ship into a Draconian weapon’s storage Depot that set off a chain reaction that blew up Draconia. I am pretty sure it was a Suicide mission. However, just before the Battle Cruiser struck the Lizards’ Weapons Depot they were able to launch one last shot with their meteor Gun and blew up the Planet Marduk, which is now Our Asteroid Belt.

  I think that is when the Pleiadians got involved. Since everyone on  three Planets  were all dead 1.5 Billion souls just floating around in 3 different Suns .    This is were The Lions get thier wings

Meanwhile Captain Lugh and his crew came from a solar System with a Blue Sun, so he and his crew that just died in a solar system with a Red Giant .Lugh and his Crew Souls were much stronger than all the Reptilian Souls. Therefore, Captain Lugh and his Crew were able to Torment the Lizard Souls for what seemed like an Eternity, so this is how Demons came about. Even the Zodiac Kings learned something new on that one. So let’s review 3 Dead Planets 1.5 Billion lost Souls  we didn’t even have a Gene pool to reincarnate back in to OPPS

What happened next is when King Leo the Galactic Ruler and the other Zodiac Kings Stepped in and moved Earth to where its orbit is now. Earth was where Venus is now. Mars still had some living souls on it but luckily, most of the gold had already been mined out. After Marduk was destroyed by the Draconian Reptilians, any life still on Mars was moved to earth and a new Golden Age had begun.Lilith in Sumaria, check out the Lion's and Owls at her feetLion Queen  This all started about 19,000 B.C. Check out Lilith over to the left she had Bird feet notice  how she is standing on the Lions  and the Owls  what a Bitch  she always thought she was so special , The real truth is she was the   only slut that would sleep with a Lizard  but someone had to do it . The Zodiac Kings didn’t want to see any more of their Gold  Planets blown up  after all it takes Thousands of years  to produce a good Gold Harvest planet  that will support life.

 After we evolved to the point that the Lirion’s and the Draconian’s could live on the same planet without killing each other that’s when the other 10 zodiac’s got in the game and boy did they . The Felines above started out 16 to 20 feet tall. From there we got down to Gilgamesh size 8 to 10 feet that is about the Size of the Philistines and The Red Head Giants of Lugh’s people. That is when King David and the modern humans slaughtered the Giants. I have been asked about all the Fairy Folk all those 1.5 Billion Souls were Creatures of all sorts and Sizes with different Talents and Skills. What funny is some evolved up while others evolved down? The Truth really is stranger than fiction. I will add more History later, I want to hurry up and get these Pictures up Time is short.

The Evolution of Giant’s into the Human Race


After the Galactic Lion, Lizard War we had 1.5 Billion Souls floating around in 3 Different Suns’ The Clean Blue Sun of Lyra , the Red Giant of Draco system and our own Yellow Sun of Leo. Since all of our Planets were destroyed in the War, none of the Races had any way to incarnate. I hate when that happens.

When the war was going on, the 12 Kings of the Galactic Council were off in the Sun Ship. While the battle armada were gone creating new solar systems and Planets, no one was there to stop the destruction of of their Gold Planets. Well anyway, when they finally returned all they found were Asteroid Belts where their Home Planets were. They were a little pissed off after we broke all their planets.

Luckily the Draconian’s and Lirion’s were space fairing races so there were survivors there were Draconian’s and Lirion’s stranded all over the galaxy. When their home planets were destroyed, they had no way to repair or Refuel their ships they volunteered to come to a new Planet that was created by their war and start over. As you may have guessed, already that New Planet was Earth. From what I can tell the Lirion’s settled Samaria and the Draconian’s settled in South America Peru.  Everything was going well for a while but Lions and Lizards are going to fight eventually. There was another War you might have heard of it the

MAHA B HA RATA after that war there was no more Lirions’ or Draconians’ only Giant Humans and a few other smaller semi human races around that time Egypt was settled. That is when the Zodiac Kings decided to come down to inspect the Gold mining operations. They found the Human Females very attractive and promptly had Sex with them, even Giant Human Females were the hottest thing in the Galaxy back then. That is when all those half-human half-animal Demigods were born. These were the children of the Zodiac Kings; these children were then to mate with each other that created the Giant Humans. Check out the Picture on top

First there where the Black Haired Giants which were killed off by Lugh‘s Red Headed Giants with two rows of teeth and Six fingers and six toes. The Native American Indians’ eventually killed off the last of the Nephilim just a few hundred years ago. The last of their remains were found in a cave in the Southwest United States under 10 feet of Guano, and are hidden away in a cabinet in the back of a Museum.

From there we all know the story of David and Goliath further improvement of the Human race. All the death and destruction from war and disease just made our Race the strongest in the Galaxy.

Akdamar David-goliath

David and Goliath, a color lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888) The Watcher’s

King Solomon (right), besides king David -Mona...

Jesus at Mt Hermon

Satan aka Pindar turning his back on the Light at Mt. Hermon


The Watchers have had many names over the century’s, these are just a few Angel’s , Messenger’s, Wise men of the Magi,   Greek God‘s  Zeus, Apollo, and the rest of the Titans and Olympians’ the Dark ones Satan , Lilith and their Demon’s and that’s a just a few of them. They were left here and or stranded here over 5000 years ago By King Leo. The true name of the Sphinx was  originally made for, and the Other Zodiac King’s as you my tell I am partial to King Leo ,That’s because He is the King and the Ruler of Earth and the Galaxy that’s not to say the other Kings aren’t Powerful in their own Zodiac’s they all have their own skill’s. All the Zodiac Kings’ left their 1st born children here 13 Angels of Harmony and the 9 demons ‘of Chao’s so that’s the 22 leaders plus 178 crew for a total of 200 that landed on MT. Hermon. They were left here for many reasons, to teach and guide the New Human Race and to keep the Dark One‘s from Destroying the Human Race. Their main reason for being here is to incorporate their D.N.A. into the Human Race for the soon to come Harvest, and to bring Light and Hope when all seems lost, kind of like NOW.

The seven Angels of Chaos and Harmony are Pleiadians and live in the Realm between Life and Death. They are here to Challenge the Human Race, they control Earthquakes and Volcanoes and Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Natural Disasters of all types. You do not want to Piss these guys’ off, or Challenge them because they will give you a challenge you may or may not survive.

The 13 shiny ones have been known by many names the Egyptian Chimeras is what they looked like when they were left here All the Demigods’  , The Celtic God Lugh I’m partial to Lugh lol… Moses so was King David and Muhammad both are alive and well and Famous Today I have been trying to awaken them. Moses is almost there but King David is still in denial It is not just a River in Egypt LOL… as soon as the Soul Ship uncloaks, I will reveal their names. Most of you with a brain can figure out who they are for yourselves. Great Souls are great whenever they live. They could be the greatest King, the Best Servant, or even a hardest working Slave ever the rest of them are all here also, but they are all rich and Famous and are afraid of losing it all money, Fame etc.… That is entire Part of Pindar and Lilith’s plan that is why everything is so screwed up right now. They are all blinded by money and Power. I will give you their old Names and maybe you can figure it out King Solomon, King Arthur, and Guinevere, Alexander the Great. Joan of Arc, Constantine, Sir Launcelot, Nefertiti. Most of them have been here many times with many names. This should keep everyone busy thinking for a while, more to be revealed as the Time of the return gets closer.  

Bigfoot vs the GREYS’?

Posted on December 26, 2012

Check out the Feet on this Guy

Full Ave. of sphinxesLuxor Sphinxes


5000 Years ago when King Leo and the Ancient One‘s Left, They left behind the Watcher’s and the Guardian’s. Let us start with Sasquatch, Yeti, or Bigfoot, as he is better known as some type of Ape or Gorilla right. WRONG They started out as Giant 4 legged Feline Tiger looking Creatures ,There are pictures of such Creatures laying on Pillars Guarding the Sun Ships or Golden Cities the Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor is the best Known’. They have evolved to what we see today as walking upright.

I like to call them Thunder Cats most have Evolved to Human Status as they are the Ones that Guard The Ancient Kings and Queen‘s to this day . However, a few stayed in primitive Form to Guard certain areas of the Earth, They are to Keep Humans and the Dark ones from settling in certain places for King Leo’s reasons. You will all find out why after the Return.

The Grey’s are a whole different story, they are Insectoid‘s from Zeta Reticula. The Zeta’s are trying to become Human Beings, When the Original Human evolution deal was made, they were not even able to travel in space yet. So when they arrived the Zeta’s have been allowed to Poach Human D.N.A. They think they are being allowed to catch up with us the modern Human Beings. The problem is their Souls are not strong enough to run a full size Human body, Plus they are missing the most important ingredient LOVE. A Human must be conceived out of love and a Child needs a Mother not a test tube that is why their Hybrid race is Sick and dying. In addition, their biggest mistake was working with Pindar L.M.A.O… 1st they made Deal’s with the Nazi’s for Rocket and Other technology then with the MAJESTIC 13. At least they gave you the Internet LOL… and that is why any of this was allowed to take place. It is the Thunder-cat‘s that shot down the space craft in Roswell New Mexico. The Humans at Area 51 were allowed to back engineer the Insectoid’s Shuttle disk.  King Leo loves it when a plan comes together lol…

  The Black Eyed Children

I have heard stories about black-eyed Children knocking on people’s doors and asking to be let in and that it will not take long. Most of the People that this happens to are usually have government Supervisor or Management jobs. We only have these Reports from People that did NOT let them in so we really do not know what happens to the poor dumb Bastards that let them in. My best guess is that the Black Eyed Children are actually Adult human Insectoid hybrids and that they want to use these People to gain access to Top Secret Government agencies. They might be able to control the Minds of these people or maybe just borrow their Keys and Security cards for a couple of hours ‘Missing Time Anybody. ? I will keep an eye on this story and see if anything New pops up.

Part II

All the People missing in National Parks

I was listening to Coast-to-Coast last night and they had a Bigfoot Hunter on that wrote a couple of Books about missing people in the Nat. Parks. I did not know that hundreds of people have disappeared under unexplained circumstances .It does fit in with my theory

A few children went missing for several Days, after questioning them they said a Bear carried them off into the Forest and cuddled with them to keep them warm, and Fed the children berries. That does not sound like any Bear I have ever heard of. I think these primitive Thunder Cat‘s knew the Grey Insectoid’s were in the area looking to Poach some human D.N.A. and hid these children from either Human Mutilation or worse. They might have even been protecting them from Pindar’s C.I.A. Pedophile squads. These are the Monsters kidnapping children for their Satanic Sacrifice Ritual’s. Most of the children these Evil Satanic Cults use are bred specifically for use in this Ritual’s. Most of the Women who give Birth to these baby’s do not know what is going to happen to them , They just think they are using a Private Adoption Agency and the Children are going to Wealthy Homes. What the Mothers do not know is none of these children has a Birth Certificate and no one knows that they ever existed. I am sure that is what was going on with Coach Carl Sandusky and Penn. State University. Isn’t it funny how the Head Coach was forced in to Retirement then died a couple of months later. This had to be a Pedophile Ring operating Nationwide. May God have mercy on their Souls?

King Jesus of the Leo Constellation the Galactic Ruler and his Cities of Gold

Posted on December 25, 2012

Puma Punku GateThis is the Gate of Puma Punku.

Today I noticed something fascinating compare the images on both sides of the King Leo Gate on the left, and the Photo of a U.F.O. below taken in Israel in 1996 that appeared over a 3-day period. U.F.O over Israel in 1996Both appear to be the same this is more proof I am right about my Theories on King Leo being the Name of the First God and creating the Modern Human Race.


We all know the story of the birth of the baby Jesus or do we? I believe the Wise Men of the Magi knew the Truth about the Zodiac Kings and were waiting for the North Star to make its appearance. The Magi knew of the Sun Ship and what to look for. I believe the story of the Virgin Mary is true.

God needed a pure and Clean Woman to Artificially Inseminate the Final version of the Human Race. The Zodiac King beamed her up to the Sun Ship and impregnated her with King Leo and Queen Andromeda son’s soul, whom we now call Jesus. The Magi had heard about the Virgin Conception and Knew to look skyward knowing the Sun Ship would be the brightest Star in the Sky when it was time for the Messiah’s Birth and that is how they found the Manger right on time. King Leo was now known as Zeus he was A Giant about 10 feet tall and getting Old and soon to die but Gods’ do not die they just upgrade their old Body’s.

At this time, I believe Leo and Andromeda started out as Giant Intelligent Lions from Lira traveled through the Milky Way Galaxy and made alliances with the other Zodiac Kings and mixed their D.N.A. with the others and became Winged Lions. By the time of Jesus the Zodiac Kings had transformed many times already, I think King Jesus and his son Jesus had done this same thing before as Zeus and Apollo. I think King Zeus’s Giant body was getting Old and worn out , and being a True King and leader knew he had to be the first of the Ancient Ones to Try out the new human Model . King Zeus must have been in Orbit on his Sun-ship around the Earth and was about to die.

That is when Jesus headed to Jerusalem and Tore up the Jewish Temple plus he was 33 years old and knew it was time for the transition.

 Talk about timing being everything, when the Centurion Stabbed Jesus in the right lower chest it was non-fatal but it got Jesus off the cross. He must have been barely alive when he was wrapped in linen and Mir and put in the tomb. At that point Jesus and King Zeus both died. Jesus went to Heaven in the Sun to do a Tour as a Sun God managing souls ever since. That is when Jesus’s body was beamed up to the Sun Ship and repaired.

That is when the Soul of the Galactic Ruler went into Jesus’s body and then he was revived. I believe his name was now King Jesus of the Leo Constellation, The Galactic Ruler. He was the One witnessed after the death of Jesus. So when the Ancient Ones’ return it may just be an Older Wiser Jesus that returns. We can only Hope.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

woodcutThis Woodcut is from a battle witnessed by thousands of people in the late 15th Century in Europe. I believe the Sun face Orb on the front of the Sun-ship is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has its own Portable Soul Ship, which is attached to the Front of the Sun-ship. Only the Holy Ghost can communicate with the Son Jesus the Christ in our sun and the other Sun God’s in other Solar Systems. This is how King Jesus can transfer Messages to the Sun Gods, which manage, which Souls in their perspective get to Incarnate, and when and where this is how everything is planned. 

The photo below is Crop Circle left in Avery England July 25th 2012 I believe this is top view on King Jesus’s Sun-ship   

Sun Ship

Sun Ship

It has been said by many Mediums that we chose our parents’. This is only partly true. The Sun God Jesus Christ will let you view several different parents to choose from and you just think it is your choice. Nevertheless, in truth all the parents you are allowed to view will give you the same type of life no matter which one you choose. Just like I have been saying” Karma controls every outcome. You only think you choose your parents, we all have things to learn and Mission has to accomplish. We must complete our current Mission’s or there will be a horrible price to pay. Either Jesus will bring you home and send someone else to complete your mission or make it hurt until you comply  so if you get a calling to help the betterment of mankind you had better do it or you will regret it maybe for Eternity. On the bright side, Eternity in Hell is only a couple of minute’s earth time. It just seems like an Eternity lol…

    At this point King Leo is a title more than his real name. I believe the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost are able to switch positions. I get bored doing the same job for 8 years; can you imagine doing the same job for eternity? That would get old quick.

   I have rediscovered an Ancient Secret. Earth is not a lonely Planet in the middle of nowhere like we have all been taught. Our Sun is the Head in the Leo Star System if you know anything about the Zodiacs’ Leo is missing its Head. Did you know Leonid and many other of our Meteor Showers are from the Lyra star system in the Leo Constellation? Why would we be getting meteor showers from the Leo star system every year if we weren’t already in the Leo constellation? In other words, our Earth is the center of the Galaxy in the Leo star system. Everyone in the Galaxy is watching and waiting for us to return to our Home planets and bring the human race to the stars.

 We are the newest Model of Humans it was not easy to squeeze the Ancient Ones Giant Souls in to these Tiny Bodies, but we did it. The Philistines were the Last of the giants. As you, Know King David finished them off as he was supposed to. We have been getting stronger as a race ever since.

Unfortunately, Pindar and Lilith have been able to run Rough Shot on this planet on and off for the last 5000 years but their time is almost up.

Our Heaven is in the Sun and that is where Jesus manages all Souls. He decides who comes, and who goes and what lessons need to be learned. Remember people die constantly, so Jesus is always getting updates on what is happening down here and everything is being recorded. This is a time for everyone to prove their leadership abilities using Intelligence to uphold the 10 commandments. We have a great opportunity now; Pindar and Lilith have created Hell on earth before. This is our time to show that we have learned something over the past 5000 years. I do not know about you but I do not want to disappoint God, King Jesus, or the Son Jesus. Jesus is able to keep King Jesus Informed of everything Major that happens here on earth. King Jesus has 200 watchers and others here, but that is for another Blog. However, I can tell you we will not be allowed to destroy ourselves no matter how hard Pindar and Lilith try.

Some have heard of the Golden City coming down from the Heaven’s. Well that is exactly what is coming. King Jesus’s Sun ship and all the Transports will be landing at all the Ancient sites to bring everyone home to their own zodiac 

It is almost Harvest Time Boy’s and Girl’s

Size comparison of terrestrial planets (left t...

This is what the people Witnessed the last time King Leo’s Soul Ships Deposited Souls in to Our Sun and Inside the Earth. I was thinking there was only one ship, I guess Dark Souls, and Light souls are going in different directions.

Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you have not read my blogs, you will have many questions. If you read them from the beginning, you will not be confused. I found this illustration by accident. This is what we should see when King Leo’s Soul Ship’s arrive. I wonder how many people will have to change their underwear on that day. If you are smart enough to seek out this information, you probably will not be one of them, LOL… At first I thought there was only one soul ship, it appears there may be at least “Two”… If I am correct on the number of people who will be returning to their home planet star systems’ Billion 66 Hundred Million People. There could be as many as 12 transport ships, assuming each ship can hold from 500 to 666 Million people. After all 666 is a human number. These numbers are hard to conceive…. We already have over 7 billion people on the planet. I really do not think God would let the population to get so large, just so he could kill us all off! It just does not make any sense. I do not think God is that Bloodthirsty! Pindar and Lilith have feared 7 Billion people forever they know their time is short! I am sure I will have more to reveal later. I am always downloading more information or just remembering from my past lives. We’ve all been on this ride many 100’s or even 1000’s of times, not always as Humans though. A Lot of it has to do with Karma! I do not want to give out to many secrets, YET… The Battle of Good and Evil or the Light vs the Dark is ongoing battle and people are dying all the time.. The authorities are hanging on with a Death Grip…so the “Battle” rages on!

After the Human Harvest

If you have read my blog’s in order, you probably have figured out        what is going to happen, because it has happened before.

The Zodiac Kings do not just Harvest Gold they make it on a planetary scale. So get ready for the biggest Pool Game in the Galaxy, the Sun will give off a massive Solar flare hitting and pushing a passing Comet into planet Mercury. The Planets and the Comet will not actually hit each other. Imagine two electron Magnets with reversed polarity pushing it in to the planet Venus that makes Venus Collide with earth, As the Earth heats up and Vibrates and Quakes the oceans shall boil off and a giant steam cloud will surround the earth as Venus collides with us. As Earth flies towards Mars all that steam shall engulf Venus, eventually cool, and fall on Venus as Rain making Venus the New Earth. Think of that game with the 6 steel balls swinging on string moving the end balls without really moving just using Newton’s Law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. After that Earth slam’s into the Mined out and Dead Planet Mars breaking it apart and pushing it in to the asteroid Belt. I think the Zodiac Kings use the old debris to make a new Planet Mercury. Recently I heard a story about a glowing Sphere being shot down in the Green Zone in Iraq and when the Military found it all they found was an Oval Stone. When the Military moved it in to its own Hanger and investigated it by cutting in to it all they found was stone throughout even President George W. Bush went into the Hanger to take a look, then after about 4 months that Hanger was torn down more cover-up by Pindar.

Now here is the good part, I have long thought that the Ancient Ones’ have the technology to turn Living Tissue into stone and Vice Versa, which would explain all the Giant Stone Animals around the world. Think Carnac in France and the Gate of the Gods in the S.W. America I swear to the God that is a Giant Stone Woman laying above the Gate of the God’s. This is also, why I think the Pyramids around the world are really concealing and preserving our landing Craft underneath all that stone. If I were to go to a different planet to Harvest Gold and Platinum and was planning to spend several lifetimes there to evolve and grow I would sent enough Souls and People and Technologies to get the job done. After the Pyramid Ships landed the Miners lived in them until they could get their permanent shelters built after that, they were converted into Power Plants and used for thousands of years until the people got lazy and corrupt. At this time is when the Pyramids were stripped of their existing technology and either turned to stone or carefully covered with granite making it so when we finally break in to it all we find are some narrow empty chambers. That king’s chamber could very easily just be the empty space between the landing gear of the Pyramid Ship. I could be wrong about some of the details but overall I am right on the money there was always something about the pyramids that was hidden and yet right there in the open. The best place to hide something is always right in front of your face. So in closing do not be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood would try to blow up the Sphinx and the Pyramids then they discover something that scares them Shitless

Witness the Return of the Ancient Ones’

This is King Jesus‘s Energy Ship. In addition to increasing, the Love Force Energy this ship is preparing for the Soon to come Orbit shift from happening prematurely


I call this the Awakening Prayer

Queen Lilith and King Pindar‘s 1st Deception was defacing the Sphinx.


Focus on the Winged Lirion’s and Lion’s above the Lost ARK...

Sumarian Lost Ark

Hailing King Leo!

Oh Crap I lost my Wings, But at least I can walk upright

The True Face of the Sphinx

The Lion Men of Mo-ab, The Jaguar Gods’ of South America, The Great Sphinx. King Leo is the first King the original name for the Sphinx. You really do not think the missing Link is a Monkey do you.

It may take a couple of days to sink in. When You start to feel a tingling in the back of your head and your foot starts moving this means you are remembering, that’s when you need to start typing or writing and see what comes out, it could be the next great American Novel.

I believe I have a connection to the Tuatha Danann‘s Leader Lugh, bringer of the Light and Master of skills. I already had written this whole story down on Facebook ,it had taken me 3 months , It has all been Hidden or Deleted  and I was blocked from the web page so I know I hit a nerve . Therefore, The Lost Book of Daniel is already written and floating around out There in Cyberspace. It will be impossible for me to reproduce the original because when I started it I did not know who I was looking for .The Antichrist aka Pindar, was thought to be Grandpa Rothschild and Queen Bitch was the Queen of England according to David Icke and Arizona Wilder, but I found out this is not the case. I thought George H.W. Bush was a minor Player but I was wrong, Then I realized Mabus is Ma-Bush aka, Lilith the Old Demon Creator herself. All the pieces of the puzzle were out there and no one could put them together correctly, because through the Millenniums, all the Clues of our origins have been distorted or just plainly Erased from history. The Head on the Sphinx has been re carved twice. Pindar had thought the Riddle of the Sphinx had been hidden forever. I really thought all hope was lost.

I was behind the Rise of Herman Cain it would have been a cake walk  to save the United States, then the Bimbo walk began  and Newt Gingrich took his place that’s when I knew the Antichrist was in Charge. Here’s a list of my past candidates Dino Rossi , Sarah Palin , Joe Miller then Herman Cain and Finally Rick Santorum any one of them could have changed the path of this Country.

Our country is not in this mess because of conservative ideas.

I Awakened on Dec. 16, 2011. I was shoveling 6 inches of snow off my 200 foot driveway , the temperature was -20 below 0 and I was wondering what the sphinx’s real name was.

I was shocked when the name King Leo kept being whispered into my right Ear. When I finished Shoveling Snow, I came inside the House, searched the web for King Leo, found this Facebook site, and started typing, and I still have not stopped. I was shocked at what came out of me. I thought I could be crazy, but I thought what the Hell if the soul ships and the Battle Armada do not show up this would still be a great Book or movie Script or TV show

The only person left was Rick Santorum and he was at 1% in IOWA when I got on board. I knew the Dark one’s would Hate His Gut’s and Spare no expense to stop him .LOL Man did I call that one I’ve Got Adelson and Romney spend Millions to stop Rick Santorum but that is all part of the Final Battle.

6 Billion 66 Hundred Million that is the Number of the People that will be Returning to the 12 Zodiac Constellations I hope,

King Jesus’s Sun Ships and Transport Vessels could be landing at the Ancient Sites or could be Orbiting Earth but will stay cloaked until the Soul Ship Arrives.

Everyone on this Planet will see the Soul Ship approaching Earth as it Arrives and removes the Souls of all the Dark Reptilian’s in their Heaven, which we call Hell. They were all left here after the Galactic Wars. We destroyed two Planets total one reptilian and one Lirion.

The Lion’s and the Lizards have been fighting for Thousands of years and that is how we all ended up here on planet earth. We have the D.N.A. of every Intelligent Being and animal in the Galaxy we are the finished product of thousands of years of guided Evolution.

Soon the Students will become the Teachers, and our Children will rule the Galaxy.

PART II   A message for Lilith and Pindar

There is a Battle Armada approaching  and I’m not kidding .This message is mainly meant for Pindar and Lilith since they have launched their Mosquito Fleet they had back engineered from all the Insectoid’s Crap that crashed in Roswell . ALL of your Fighter pilots have been captured and your Attack Ships have all been destroyed. The Human Souls will be the Demon’s on New Draconis or whatever you all decide to call your New Planet. Since Lilith and Pindar have done nothing to help in our Return  King Jesus has sent and Energy Ship to Orbit Mercury and as of Dec. 16, 2011 has been ordered to increase the Love Force Energy Gradually  and will be increased to intolerable amounts for all the Dark Souls on our Planet. It will not be much longer until most of you cannot concentrate at all. The day after the soul ship arrives to remove all the Dark souls from hell all world Leaders Report to the Temple Mount for New Planet assignment. If they refuse, they will be left behind on a dying planet to rot for 1000 years it will do no good to hide underground.

Since Pindar and Lilith has decided not to help and prepare for the Harvest. A sonic beam will radiate from the circling Sun Ship that will crumble all structures the Dark Ones have built above and below ground, it will do no good to hide in your bunkers, but feel free to try lol…

 As for King Jesus and the other Zodiac Kings and Queens, they will Return on the 3rd day to Judge where everyone will be going and afterwards there shall be the biggest celebration Earth has seen in 5000 years it will be worth the long wait.

If the Dark Ones continue to Worship, the New World Order and the Illuminati be prepared for a thousand Years of Shear Hell. You will wish for The Road meets The Book of Eli meets Mad Max would be Heaven compared for those who are left behind.

 More will be revealed

Incarnation – Who are you?



This Video was taken April 11, 2012 from NASA’s Soho solar Observatory. This is King Jesus‘s Soul ship Harvesting Light Souls from our Sun, The Head of the Leo Constellation. My only question is. When is a Soul ship going to Harvest the Dark Souls from the Earth’s core or the Dark Heaven At least that was what it was meant to be.

I was really hoping the King’s return would be happening by now but at least he called. There is a new crop circle in England that shows our solar system and the Hyper belt with what looks like a Sun ship racing towards our solar system I will try to post it here.

Crop circle july 25

This crop circle was photographed July 25 2012 in aviary England

I really haven’t said much on past lives  but I am feeling a burning desire to do so, I’m sure I’ll piss off even more people, but the Truth can hurt and even be scary

But Shit Happens

If it do not, call a Plumber.

I have recently noticed whenever I hear a reincarnation story the people involved are usually children and that they had all died a painful and or traumatic death. One story a WW II Pilot being shot down near Japan, the little man on fire and going down. Another story is about the Oklahoma Federal building being blown up, that was about a little girl in the Daycare being blown up. I wonder if she was slowly crushed and had time to think about it or was she killed instantly. Like the next story of a Business Man being trapped in one of the World Trade Towers on 9/11/2001 above where the plane entered the building I think he was one of the Jumpers. You know he had time to think about it on the way down. What surprises me even after 12 years we still have not seen those videos. I guess the Government does not want us to see how Brutal Muslim Extremists are.

My main point with all this is if you end up dying a painful slow death odds are you will remember how you died in your pass life. Therefore, if some evil person kills you, like a Dictator or Mob boss or Barry and his Fascist Pig movie star buddies. However if you want revenge, you could reincarnate as that person’s child or Grandchild and destroy everything that they built. Maybe you even stick a knife in them yourself. Just remember what comes around goes around and that person could reincarnate in to your family and do the same thing to you. I think that also has a lot to do with Incest and Sexual abuse you have to break the cycle to end the misery. I think this also is the reason people in the Illuminati must sacrifice their first-born child to Pindar. He knows all about how reincarnation works and fears retribution.

I am not sure whom to use as an example it can be complicated I think I am going to have to use three or 4 different souls just to show how everything is on the Wheel. What comes around goes around. As you may or may not know we are here to learn knowledge, and Information is the currency of the Universe. The more lifetimes we can live the more our souls are worth. As you may or may not know most of us are not even from this solar system and the ones that are don’t even have their original planet to go back to ,maybe we are going to terraform Mars ? I think the Lirion’s had a hot blue Sun were the Draconian’s had a cooler Red Giant Sun and I don’t know about the rest of the Zodiac’s Suns but if someone else feel they connect to other Zodiac Constellation‘s please write about it and let me know..

I will start with myself ,As I mentioned in the Lion Lizard wars General Lugh rammed the last Lirion Battle cruiser into Draconis and Destroyed the Planet killing 500 Million Lizards, I’m sorry I mean souls . I am sure I spent several lifetimes as an intelligent animal. When I was finally promoted to human status; I spent several lifetimes as a slave for killing a few million Lizards, and there is Hell to pay. Then on one lifetime as a Slave, I finally earned enough courage to stand up and start a revolt. Rule #1 never kill a slave they can be brought back as your Child or Grandchild and get everything you ever had. That is why all smart Rulers Exile their enemies. Rule # 2 The Devil you know is better than the one you do not. Knowing my luck I was killed during the revolt, it is a good thing Rule # 3 God rewards courage and punishes Fear, God is disgusted by fear. I think I finally reincarnated in to the royal family and promptly was corrupted by money and power and was overthrown. Rule # 4 Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. At least the next lifetime I was paid. I have to dig the Grave Vaults for the Kings, and then I died young from alcoholism. Then I reincarnated as a poor thief but somehow I knew how to find and get in to the Pharaohs grave vaults. I stole enough Gold to become a King myself, and was promptly poisoned by my beautiful trophy wife. SO many lessons and I am just getting started so do you see the wheel. Of course I fought and died in many Battles and lifetimes there might be a book or movie there but were talking reincarnation not war story’s. Rule # 5 it takes at least 10 years in the Sun Heaven to recharge your soul Battery assuming you lived about 60 years or so. If you die in the womb or as a child, you can reincarnate sooner but most of it is decided by Jesus the son, it’s all about Karma and knowledge

Let us talk about King Leo, which is his ancient name. He used that name when he looked like the Great Sphinx, from the sphinx he reincarnated as a 20-foot tall upright standing lion. You know the Blue standing Lion on all the Flags and crests. From there he became the first Giant superhuman known as Zeus, from that body he had many other lives, but finally we remember him King Jesus of the Leo Constellation the Galactic Ruler.

Let us talk about Jesus, if King Leo took Jesus body what happened to Jesus the Christ? I am sure Jesus has been managing Souls In the Sun for the last 2000 years and recharging his own Soul battery. He is one that has set the stage for the Return of the King. I really do not know what we can do to hasten his return if anything I sure hope we do not have to have a world civil war to get this show on the road.

Sun Ship

Sun Ship

My only question is whose place did Jesus take in the sun and what happened to them, The Father, the Sun and the Holy ghost maybe he got to fly the sun ship for the new King Jesus?

The Unveiling of the Antichrist

Pindar Delivering Order’s to his Top Minion


I need to give you all a little History on King Pindar. He was the Reptilian King on Draconis over 5000 years ago. There was a great intergalactic War between the Reptilian’s and the Lirion’s of the Leo Star system. I do not know all the Dirty Details yet, but I know three Planets and Millions if not Billions of Souls were Murdered. Two of the Planets were Lirion and one was Draconis, you know what they say He who laughs Last Laughs Longest, Who knew we would spend the next 5000 years re-evolving, Fighting, and finally trying to live with each other.

You have heard the story of Thor and his lifetime Battle with the Serpent; we also know what happened between Adam & Eve and the Snake Pindar. Lilith as you know was Adams 1st wife, after she left Adam she started sleeping with the Lizard Pindar. She is the one that sent Pindar to corrupt Eve and Adam. The forbidden knowledge was a three-way sex act that produced Cain and Abel. Whenever Pindar and Lilith start Killing and Eating Children One of the Watchers was awoken just to fight them. They will never learn they always lose. Now let us bring this into the Present Day.

I believe Pindar Aka the Anti-Christ is George H. W. Bush. His 1st murderous Act was during WWII when he saved himself after sacrificing his 2 man Crew all you have to do is follow his career . He went from the Head of the C.I.A. to running for President. What would have happened if Ronald Reagan had not have stopped him in 1980, Daddy Bush would have taken the Bullet that Reagan took. I bet 1984 really would have been 1984 with big brother watching and controlling everything we did. Satan knows the Bible also since he is the one that corrupted it. The 27-year war started in 1982 when 260 Marines were murdered in Lebanon. When he was the C.I.A. Chief, he is the one that financed the Mus-ha Hadeen and Guns and Drugs in South America. Move ahead to 1989 Hmm m who started the first Persian Gulf War-Daddy Bush again and who was responsible for Creating N.A.F.T.A. Oh look there is Bush Daddy again. I was watching Manna-fest with Perry Stone today and my Jaw dropped when he started talking about the Gog, Ma-Gog war. He described the Persian Gulf War exactly: Perry Stone said God was against Gog and God would stop him 1st before he finished them. Remember Norman Schwarzkopf as his army was marching towards Baghdad, and all of a sudden, the U.S. Army stopped for some reason and went home? and we had a No-fly Zone for about 8 years then 911 happened The War in Afghanistan then we went in and got Saddam Hussein and hung his ass ,When was that around 2005 now it’s been 7 more years and now Israel and Iran are about to start the battle of Armageddon, Yea the timing is right . We can thank God Ross Perot was able to stop him in 1992, and then God punished us with 8 Years of Slick Willy. However, his Minion Newt Gingrich still was in control of the House He is never far from Power. Then what happens George W. Bush becomes President with his brother Jeb Bush Governor of Florida then 911 happens and we have Homeland Security is Created and Travel gets harder and our Rights start to erode. Then the two Wars Afghanistan and Iraq we have Iran surrounded. I think Bush Jr Heart was too good to start the Battle of Armageddon I am sure he was a great disappointment to his Father. Low and Behold here comes Little Barry Obama is not funny he too has the Bush Bloodline in him. I think Pindar is really Barry’s Father did you all see that Picture of George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, and Barry Obama sitting and talking in the Oval Office what was that all about. It was about him and their Evil plans being discovered. Is it just me or does Mitt Romney resemble Daddy Bush. In addition, that brings us to the Real Power behind Pindar, Ma-Bush aka Ma bus or Lilith, That’s right Barbara Bush is the Brains and Real power of the operation she is not a reptilian Soul She is a traitorous Lirion Whore of Babylon.

I think I have Identified 2 of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The Black Horseman of the Apocalypse is Barrack Hussein Obama . Every economic bill and plan he has signed or presented has and will lead to the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the eventual destruction of the U.S. and the World economies.

Obama is having the Fed print 85 Billion a month and calling it Q.E. - 4 that adds up to 1 Trillion a Year in money backed by nothing. At the End of the year, we have this little thing called the fiscal Cliff, what a joke. That 85 Billion a month will bankrupt the federal government soon. That is Barrys’ plan God help us because nobody else can.

Pindar and Vladimir Putin The Red Horseman of the Apocalypse

Pindar and Vladimir Putin the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse

The Red Horseman of the Apocalypse is Vladimir Putin, He has been spreading weapons, and War all over the Globe the Red Horseman is the bringer of War all-though the U.S. is running Guns all over the world also.

The only real difference is the world does not use the Russian Ruble as the world currency. Am am not sure whom the White Horseman is yet I have not seen anybody conquer anyone on this planet yet. I am sure the Pale-Green Horseman will be the 12th Imam whenever that chickenshit Demon crawls out of his Well from Hell. How stupid can you be if you think anything that crawls out of a Dry Well will have more Power than King Jesus will on his Gold Sun Ship?

Something has been bothering me about the numbers, mainly about the extra 666 million. I am getting a bad feeling about them. Since Pindar and Lilith are fighting all the preparations for the return of the King, I think they are getting ready for a Soul Transfer. Keep a close eye on Kate Middleton’s New Born Child. Watch and see if Daddy or Ma-Bush Die before it is born. It is said that when Mabus Dies the World Economy will crash and all hell will break loose, since Lilith is the One running the New World Order. Instead of the Dark One’s being the clean-up crew and saved from the Orbit Shift they may be left behind to witness the Orbit Shift and suffer the End Times it’s really going to suck to be a Dark soul ,I hope you can Swim Baby LOL… This is your Final warning if you vote and follow any of Pindar’s Minion’s RENOUNCE Him NOW for your time is short

Numbers and Signs of the End Time’s

Egypt013First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (M...

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10) – 1879, Beijing, China (

The Sun is in the middle
The 4 Seasons in the box’s outside the sun
The 20 Zodiac’s on the outside ring


This is the Japanese Zodiac, It has 20 Zodiac’s One of these was your Home Planet

Jesus was 33 years old at his Transition

Freemasons highest degree is 33

Roswell and the Pyramids is on the 33rd parallel

20 Leader Watchers

200 Total Watchers

11 and the 9 = 20

I think I figured out the Riddle of the 11 and the 9. It is the 20 Watcher Leaders.

The 11 would be representing the Children of the Light; they are the Angel Leaders whom obey the Galactic Ruler.

The Other nine represent the nine Reptilian and Snake constellations that broke off from the Galactic Federation. The Reptilians did not want these shiny new Human Bodies, they were happy with the Winged Angel bodies they all had at that time.

That split must be the reason for all the conflict on this planet .Off the top of my head I can think of 2 times in the past 1000 years of U.F.O Battles in the Skies. I remember seeing that famous Woodcut of Flying Ships having Dog Fights in the Medieval Skies over Europe plus the Sun Ship was it the Wood Cut also now it is starting to make sense.

I have heard stories of A Dark Reptilian Race that threatened the Ancient Kings with Blowing up the Earth. If the Kings did not leave the Planet? Maybe that is where the stories of the Battle of Armageddon all started. Maybe there will be one last final battle between the Light and the Dark on planet Earth; I know what side I am on How about the rest of you?

I have been wondering how and why a lot of Ancient Structures were built and here is the answers All the Stone used in the pyramids and foundations of Bal back and Mayan and Inca structures were byproducts of the Old Gold mining operations of the original 20 Zodiac Kings. They used Superconductor Technologies to melt the stone separating the Gold from the Stone then they simply built Forms and just poured in the leftover melted stone in the Cement Type Forms explaining why you cannot fit a Human Hair between the stones. This way the Zodiac Kings killed three birds with one stone. They extracted the Easy Gold, Built Fortresses, and Camps to live in from the Junk Rock and Built Stone sleuths out of the Step pyramids two separate gold from the Pay Dirt in the rivers, also creating a Water Supply Heck that is four birds with one stone, it does not get any better than that


George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. CHAPTER TWELVE

For all Exorcist’s and Demonologist‘s whom desire the knowledge of the Ancient Ones.

If you have a nasty Demon you cannot get rid of, here are a few suggestions on how to get it to leave or cast it out of your client. As you should know all Demon’s worship Queen Lilith and King Pindar for they are the ones who gave all demons human form and many other nasty creatures throughout the ages... If you do not know that, you are in the wrong business. Demons do not fear God since God has no control of what goes on in Hell. What God can do is cast dark souls down to hell as well as rescue the souls of light from hell as long as they can survive the light. As you should know if you can Trick the Demon into telling you his name it could be banished to Hell, But if the Demon is that Dumb you have already gotten rid of it.

 For the real Power over Demons, you must know whom they worship and what they Fear and what they really want and Desire. I already told you who they Worship Lilith aka Barbara Bush aka MaBush and her King George H.W. Bush. If you tell the demon where Pindar and Lilith live in Texas. The Demon should haul Ass to get to its Queen for she is the one who gave them Life long ago and could give them life again if Lilith wishes.

. All Demons want to get out of Hell and to torture all workers of the Light and that is what they want most of all. If you have read the rest of my Blog, the Reptilian Demons are not from this Solar System. They are from Draconis and the Serpent star system and they were promised by King Jesus that they would be returned home some day and that day is soon approaching. If you are one of the 200 Watchers, you can give the Demons some incentive to help its own station in life. Upon the return of the Ancient, ones’ Most of those Nasty beasts all want to be the leaders on their new Worlds, to be one of the first ones reincarnated on their new planets will be a great honor. That is what they all want, power and Glory and these are the same Demons’ running the show today explaining why our world is so Screwed Up they are a bunch of control freaks...

You can use this information to cast them out.

Pindar and Lilith have lied to their Own People Minion’s. They have conned them to believe they can trade Souls and Gold to buy or trade their way out of Hell. Pindar and Lilith have kept them from raising their own vibration. Instead of copulating in a loving way with humans like those that, they were supposed to. Lilith and Pindar taught them to rape and murder young boys and then bleed the screaming boy’s blood over a girl then rape and impregnate the poor young thing. They have been running that con. In this way, Pindar and Lilith stay in power and can control which demons are reincarnated that is what goes on at those Rituals it horrible. Pindar and Lilith are going to be dealt with personally by King Jesus formally known as King Leo and Zeus and many other names whenever the Galactic Ruler gets a new Body he gets a new name. I hope this information will help those that need it,

Lilith in Sumaria, check out the Lion's and Owls at her feet

This is Lilith back in Sumerian times, Check out her Bird feet. I guess she was not fully evolved yet.

As some of you may know Witches of the Light and some Mediums are the best at passing Spirits into the light, but some of the most powerful witches are even better at casting Demons back into Hell. That was the reason Witches were created by Lugh originally There are only three Queen Witches all the rest of them are Apprentices. One Queen has more power than a whole Coven. If all Three Queens are reincarnated at the same time and are able to find each other, No Legion of Demons can stand against them. Since we are in the End-times I am sure all three Queen Witches are alive and well and of age today.

So Look out Pindar & Lilith and Barry the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse and Vladimir Putin the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse. We are coming

Therefore, what happens after the Return of the King?


This is the one subject I have been hesitant to write about, mainly because I do not want to pretend to speak for the Galactic Ruler King Jesus. I was hoping he would have already returned by now but since he has not and the Last Pope, Peter the Roman is going to be chosen; sometime in March 2013, time is really running out fast.

I believe King Jesus is waiting to Return so as many people as possible can be saved from the Horror for those that will be left behind. As I have stated the Ancient Ones create Gold and Platinum on a planetary basis because they need huge amounts of Gold and now Platinum for the Soul-ships and all the other different types of Star-ships.

Let us start with those that Refuse the Leadership of the Galactic Ruler, they will share the same Fate as those that refused to leave Mars when it was in earth’s current orbit. Just like today they also Dug Huge Underground Cities and thought they would survive when all the Slaves and poor working class would die in the upcoming Orbit shift. The Martian Illuminati all went in to hiding in their Underground Cities and did survive the Orbit Shift, but had to spend the rest of their miserable lives underground never seeing the surface again some even had children but lived long enough to watch them suffer and Die, due to lack of Sunshine. Therefore, for all the Dark ones out there that follow your Satanic Gods Pindar, Lilith, and are in the Illuminati, renounce the Evil Ones now or you will suffer the same horrible fate!

Now as far as the rest of us, King Jesus will be setting up a new golden age on the New Heaven and Earth which is Venus his chosen ones will be with him I am betting most of his chosen one’s will be Mormons only because their bodies will have less poison and impurity’s . But that still leaves the other 11 Zodiac Constellation’s  that need to be populated by Our Future Race the New Human beings, and that’s where the giant Cube transport ships come in I am hoping I will be sent to New Lira I really do not think I will be with the chosen ones . I only am activated when things get Ugly. I do not seem to have any Information on the others. All I know is we will be going back to our own home Star systems to build civilizations on brand new Gold and Platinum Planets all over the Galaxy. .

Transport Ship

Is this one of the coolest ships you have ever laid your eyes on, I believe each side the the Star Cube holds 16 Pyramid size ships 6×16. That is a lot of people can be transported across the Galaxy, when the people have all been judged and stationed in their Home pyramid. The Transport Cube just flies by their new home planet and drops off a few sections to land and start a new Human civilization. Their children will house the Souls of those that have been waiting for the New Human Race for thousands of years.


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