Chapter Five - The Orbit Shift

Chapter Five-The Orbit Shift, created By King jesus of the leo constellation the galactic ruler

Everyone was in position for the Orbit shift the Energy ship was in orbit around the Sun and the Antimatter Cannon was charged and ready. King Pindar’s Mothership was stationed next to Saturn and on standby ready to catch the Nickel core of Marduk and tow it with a Tractor Beam around Earth when it achieves Orbit in the Goldilocks Zone. King Leo was on the Bridge of His Royal Sunship he carefully aimed the Energy-ships Antimatter cannon at the Sun using his Monitor mounted in front of his Captains chair. The ships computers can only get the solar target within 90% it is up to King Leo with the help of the Holy Ghost to compensate for the other 10% one inch off could mean disaster for the whole solar system. If everything goes perfectly the Planet will not actually make contact with each other. The planets will have reversed polarities so they should repeal each other just like Magnets can attract or Repel each other but that Plasma burst must hit the new planet right on time and in the right place.

  Everyone on the Bridge were sweating with anticipation just as King Leo gives the order to Fire the Energy ship's Antimatter Cannon. With a Blinding Flash the Energy, ship fired its cannon for a full minute, after which all the Ancient One's could do is wait and watch. It seemed like it took forever before the Sun finally launched the solar flare that engulfed the Planet. As New Mercury traveled directly at the New Venus at light speed this part of the Pool Shot only took about Two Hours. With another blinding flash Venus was blasted towards New Earth, this part took about 12 hours. As all this is going on, all the Planets in the Inner solar system are shaking and going through their own Pole shifts causing the waters of Mars to cover all the landmasses and causing sea bottoms to rise and change in to mountains overnight. Finally, 13 hours later New Venus slammed in to New Earth launching new earth on a collision course for Mars, this part of the Pool shot takes two days causing Volcanic Action on both Earth and Mars. On Mars, the Oceans began to boil to the point all the water on the planet had been vaporized by all the Friction and static Electricity being generated by the poles reversing and the planets closing in on each other. When Earth collided with Mars, the Earth there was another great flash of light. At the same time, all the water vapor and Oxygen orbiting around Mars transferred to Earth Orbit. Knocking the burnt out hulk of Mars on a direct path for Marduk. Mars started increasing its speed even faster than the Computer had expected causing all the Super Volcano’s on Mars to go off at exactly the wrong time. When Mars ploughed in to Marduk, there was a flash so bright that anyone looking at this Event from anywhere in the Solar System would have been blinded by the flash. Since Marduk was, a dead planet because it had been mined out completely over many Millennium’s Marduk had no Atmosphere or Magnetic polarity anymore and Mars hit it so hard and was spinning so fast it hit the surface of Marduk so violently it ripped that giant gorge in Mars still visible today. Some of the protective Glasses the people were given were not strong enough to protect their eyes and many of the People on the Floating cities were blinded by the intense Light and explosion. Marduk exploded so violently all of the Floating Cities were flipped over completely. Many of the people were hurt and Killed when the shock wave reverberated throughout the Solar System.

  King Pindar panicked as he watched the Nickel core of Marduk heading directly at him with half the Planet floating in Pieces like a shotgun Round heading right at his floating City. He ordered the City’s Magnetic Shielding to full power and King Pindar quickly made the decision to circle around at full power and pull the Nickel Core from behind the shotgun blast. As King Pindar accelerated, out of the way as the Planet pieces shot by them at light speed but one big piece broke through the shielding causing a huge explosion in the city causing multiple casualties. However, Pindar was still able to circle around what was left of Marduk, lock his tractor beam on the Nickel core, and pull it out of the shotgun blast. When he put the Ship’s Gravity engines in full reverse, it almost shakes his Floating City apart but he was still able to pull the Nickel core out of the Shotgun blast and pull it safety back to earth and place it in Orbit around the Earth making the Gravity on the planet Earth just right for mining. All the water vapor cooled and started falling as rain causing everyone to celebrate. As the Oxygen atmosphere settled around the Earth, a party of the Millennium began in all three floating cities at the same time. As the earth started to cool rain began to fall for the first time on New Earth covering the Planet in water. With the Moon in orbit, the first Ocean Tides to begin to churn geminating the Seeds of life. About 50% of Marduk settled around, what we now call the Asteroid Belt. The other half was floating in the same Orbit as Earth and Mars. However, since Mars had lost most of its Magnetic force field, most of the Marduk Planet Pieces were drawn back to Earth. That caused a huge Asteroid bombardment that lasted two years creating Continents’ to form on top of the Richest Gold Deposits on the planet. The reason that happens is because Gold creates the Strongest Magnetic fields drawing in the mineral rich debris of Marduk. Most of the Asteroid bombardment had a lot of Copper and other Minerals that were just too deep to mine when they were on Marduk, so crashing on top of making to Gold fields make it easier to mine. It also increased the amount of other precious Metals that the Galactic Kings would be able to mine.

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