Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Climate Change caused by Magnetic Pole shift not CO 2 output

Maybe some of you are wondering why it's so cold after all Al Gore promised it was going to warm up LOL...
 It turns out our magnetic Pole is collapsing , it is down 15% over the last 200 years but that is not the scary part. The Magnetic North Pole has been migrating Southeastward about 10 miles a year during most of the 20th century and the early part of this Millennium. But last year alone a Scientist from England claims the Magnetic North Migrated 140 km. in 2013 alone. Along with all the Cesium radiation leaking from Fukishima that is heating up the Pacific Ocean and killing all the Plankton which feeds smaller fish which are food for all the Seal's and other large Mammals. Seals along the coast of Alaska are dying in large amounts along with melting Starfish on the west coast all of these conditions have caused the Jet stream to move west and North. Here in Fairbanks where I live it has been 30 degrees above 0 when normal temperatures this time of year would be 0 to -40. At the same time the East coast and the Midwest of the U.S. are getting sub zero temperatures.
 I have been saying for some time that a Pole shift was in progress but I finally got some confirmation Tonight on Coast to Coast am. So now you have something to discuss around the water Cooler tomorrow.  Stay Warm    
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