Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fascist L.A. Cops aquitted after beating Homeless Man to Death

Kelly Thomas before beating
Kelly Thomas after beating
 Another story You will not here from the Corporate Media.

Murderous L.A Pigs Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos

Kelly Thomas Died after 5 days in the Hospital after 6 L.A. Pigs spent an hour beating him to death. You should view the whole Video at There you will see L.A. Pigs Jay Cicinelli ans Manuel Ramos put on Rubber gloves and beat Kelly Thomas for an Hour welcome to the Police state. If these guy continue to get away with this it is only a matter of Time before WE will be in Kelly Thomas's Shoes.I believe All these vicious Pigs are being assembled by Cal. Gov. Moonbeam these Fascist Pigs are just an extension of his Administration just like Gov. Chris Christie is using Union Mob Boss tactics to get things done in New Jersey.
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