Thursday, January 23, 2014

Real U.S. Unemployment 37 %

Its Funny last week I posted on my Facebook Page that I thought the Real U.S. unemployment had to be at least 30 %. Then yesterday Paul Bedard from the Washington Examiner wrote a story confirming my suspicion's. I kept hearing that 92 million people were out of work in the U.S. and since I know we have about 320 million People in our country how could unemployment possibly be 6.9 percent. I have known for years that the Obama Administration has been lying about the Unemployment Numbers since the Congress has been extending unemployment every year , which meant that nobody could open a new claim for new unemployment benefits.
  I am a A Seasonal worker and the corrupt Government Union that runs our Borough only lets me work 900 hours a year so instead of filing a new claim every year they just kept extending a claim I opened in 2008. During Thanksgiving it finally ran out and I was finally able to open a New Claim although the Fed screwed me for Thanksgiving Holiday.
 from what I read 220 Million People are of working age and the rest of the Nation are Children or Retired. So if you think the Recession never ended you would right.
 On top of that Moody's down graded our Health Insurance Industry down to Poor which means soon everybody with Health Insurance will be Shit out of Luck by the end of the year if not sooner. Today Target announced that they will no longer insure their part time workers. It is just a matter of time before all the other Retail company's follow suit.    
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