Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senate Probe on Benghazi - Obama and Hillary Lied and 4 People Died

I have already written a 5000 word article on Benghazi and what happened so I will keep this short and sweet. On August 14th 2011 Amb. Chris Stevens Begged for more Security for Tripoli and the Benghazi embassies. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton ignored his appeal for help.
 On Sep11th 2011 Libyan rebels attacked the Benghazi Embassy over a Gun Buy back deal gone wrong. That same night Chris Stevens had Dinner with the Libyan Ambassador. As soon as the Libyan Ambassador Left the rebels Attacked the Embassy and Sodomized Chris Stevens and had him dragged through the streets.
 The defense Department confirmed that The top General in charge of the African Command met with Top White house officials Including Hillary Clinton , Barrack Obama and Leon Panetta. The whole Internet Video story was a ruse from the beginning. If you still trust anything the white-house
or the Federal government tells you You are a Fool and deserve all the Reckoning that is coming. 
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