Friday, October 17, 2014

Is the Obama's Federal Government going to Weaponize this strain of Ebola ?

Update 10/29/2014-
  Congratulations to the two Nurses that have recovered from the dreaded Ebola. The bad News is a Doctor contracted Ebola and partied all over New york city eleven hours before he started showing symptoms so now we have to worry Ebola is all over New york city it couldn't happen to a nicer place. We all have Obama and the  CDC to thank if this virus spreads in the United States but by then Martial Law will be declared and the U.S. will be over just what the Illuminati want. We also have a Nurse that just returned from West Africa and refuses to  Isolate herself  so we have that going on  look out Maine.
Update Oct. 17, 2014
  Well People it looks like this story isn't going anywhere any time soon. So far two nurses who worked on Patient Zero have contracted Ebola  Nina Pham and Amber Vinson have been transferred to better equipped Quarantine Hospitals Emery and another one in the Northeast. Nina actually took an Airline trip to Georgia to plan her Wedding. I sure hope the Government isn't lying to us about how hard it is to catch Ha Ha Ha ...
 OK I composed myself I think I just Peed a little I heard a Doctor on Alex Jones Show that said the actual Quarantine time is 42 days not 21 so expect a lot more cases assuming it can be caught by touching a counter top or a Door handle.
 There is also a health worker locked in his room on a cruise ship that will be arriving soon to Galveston, Texas . In other news Obama appointed a Partisan Hack as his Ebola Czar this clown was Gore and Biden's Fixer God help us if this Disease spreads.

Story Update 10/2/2014
 I hate to tell you I told you so but let the games begin. The first case of Ebola has been discovered in good Ole Dallas Texas. Patient Zero Thomas Duncan lied about touching a pregnant Woman in Monrovia,Liberia  a couple of days before he quit his job at Fed Ex and jumped on a plane to Brussels and from there he had a 7 hour layover before flying a United Airlines to Dulles and then to Dallas Texas were he promptly went to the Hospital and tried to get our empirical vaccine but was turned away and given some antibiotics even after telling a nurse he was from Liberia. Hows that C.D.C working for you now. If you some how have any faith the Federal Government will save you , May God have pity on your Soul because Obama's Federal government is out to Kill us and when Jeb Bush becomes president he will take Our Guns and we will really be at the mercy of anybody with a gun. But I am getting ahead of myself . I heard this guy had contact with 20 people when I got up and by the time I had my Coffee that number had gone up to a 100
 Duncan's relative have all been put into Quarantine  for 21 days under armed guard , If only we had shut down flights from Africa just like England already did. But woulda, shoulda, coulda will not help us now. I am sure Barry Ho will stop air travel after a couple of more case's are discovered so if you want to go somewhere you had better go now because soon we will be confined to your home if you are healthy and shipped off to some Hot zone Quarantine if you have a cold. Have fun with this nightmare. Good Luck everyone hopefully King Jesus will get us off this rock before things get to bad.

August 1st, 2014
Am I the only one that is wondering why Obama and the Democrats are bringing Two American Ebola Victims from Liberia ? The Man being flown here is a Doctor that was wearing a HAZMAT suit that was still infected !!! Holy shit what are they thinking  and the Woman is a Nurse if they couldn't keep from getting Infected what chance do us Stupid Lazy Americans have.
 I thought Obama was the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse but maybe he is the Green Horseman bringer of Disease and Death nothing would surprise me at this point. Both victims will be flown into Atlanta near the Main C.D.C. Research facility in the next few days if by chance they can save one of them and mine the Antibodies out of their blood then they will have the only Vaccine in the World.
 What would YOU do to get the Vaccine ? Oh and by the way you get a I.D. Chip at the same time you lucky People. I am sure this could never happen Here RIGHT. I just thought someone really should show a little curiosity about the real reason those poor Dumb Bastards were being flown here 18 hours in the Air ,They probably wont even survive the Flight anyway. But at least the C.D.C. will be able to get a hold of some living Ebola virus. I here this Strain kills much slower then previous Outbreaks that burn themselves out before the Virus could strike any Major Cities. This Version of Ebola has only killed 60% of it's victims so far but that number is growing everyday just like the number of people being Infected everyday. Good Luck everybody , We just might need it this time.
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