Friday, October 10, 2014

Is Obama a Manchurion Candidate or just an Idiot

I am having a hard time keeping up with all the World Events exploding all over the place but I do know events are erupting because of Barrack Hussein Obama's Policy's everything from our 17 Trillion dollar Dept. Barry Ho is responsible for over half of that in just 6 years and the Treasonous Pig still has 2 years too go. Obama owns Iraq he wouldn't even arrange a status of forces agreement to leave enough troops to keep the peace. All the Men and Women whom were maimed and Killed freeing Iraq was for nothing , NOTHING OBAMA must be removed from office while we still have enough time to stop the Horror that is about to strike the U.S. the stock Market is the most volitle that we are having 300 point swings every day this week and we still have Friday to go.
 Leon Panetta even says Obama ignores his advisers and his Generals this guy Is not Failing he is destroying our Country on Purpose and the longer we leave that Prick in Office the worse it will be on YOU. Since Facebook wouldn't let me post again  I just thought I would just vent a little I feel better already you people should try it it feels good to rip all those Fascist Pigs running our country into the ground at least King Jesus knows what my view.s are pick a side while you still can because when the shit starts rolling it will already be to late to choose side. because being a moderate is not an option.
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