Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Russia is testing our Air Defences again

It has been reported on FOX News that Russia has invaded NATO airspace over 100 times this year alone  Four Time the number of Air incursions as last Year. I heard from Major Ed Danes that the Russian People are more afraid of the United States Congress and Obama because they are so Unstable you just never know what they will do next and who can blame them. Instead of just whining about world affairs I am going to bounce some solutions off of you since I don't want to be accused of  just throwing Gasoline on

Obama's Bonfire.
 The first thing we need to do is be better allies to Israel and the Kurd s. We need to give these two countries or People all the help they need to help stabilize the land around their own countries.
 We should give Africa to China since the Chinese Men need wife's  and the African Women need real husbands that will stick around and help raise their children plus a large supply of Blasian women and men will help in the next part of the plan. Give all the Sunni and Shiite territory's to the Russians with backing from China and the U.S. Russia needs a fresh blood infusion Blasian and Nordic blood will prove to be the Ultimate Human species , I believe. The Sunni and Shiites will never live peacefully with any other Religions so let the Russians break them or just exterminate them if that is what it takes.
 The U.S. just needs to take care of our own problems mainly Mexico. We should offer any Illegal Mexicans that want to go home 5 acres of land in Mexico if they will train to fight and take back their own land from the Drug Cartels and we will just make Mexico our 51st state  problem solved.
King Jesus of the Leo Constellation the Galactic Ruler's Soul Ship
 I know none of these thing will happen until the King Returns and that will be a sight to behold 
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