Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watch the Curse of the 9th Circuit Court

Has anyone heard about Alaska having Gay Marriage thrust upon us as we Slept.
Judge Timothy Mark Burgess signed Gay marriage into Law on SUNDAY. What the Hell is happening , I guess I am not doing enough to stop the Fascist Liberals that have taken over every facet of our Government especially the Court system. Even though this guy was appointed by Bush and is Married with 4 children what he just did makes him one of the worst Hypocrite I have ever witnessed except maybe Obama. For this reason I have decided to Recall Pindar and Lilith's Legion of Demons from Obama's Secret Service after all mission accomplished 10 Agents were fired and the Head Bitch was made to resign so stand back and watch a curse work in real time. On this day Oct. 16, 2014 Judge Timothy Mark Burgess has been found Guilty of King Jesus Law that Marriage must be made up of One Man and One Woman and of being a Hypocrite .
So by the Power of King Jesus formally known as King Leo and with the Authority of General Lugh bringer of Light I recall all of Pindar and Lilith's Legion of Demon's tormenting Obama's secret Service and reattach your-self's to Judge Timothy Mark Burgess and his Family along with anyone who supports him or his views on Gay Marriage after that has been accomplished Drag all of their sorry Souls straight to Hell and hold them their until King Leo Returns for Judgement Day. Let it Be Written Let It be Done X 3
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