Conservative Stampede-the Dem's are Delusional

Solve this riddle- Who's Good and Who's Bad and who won and everything will be known.

The Democrat's are Delusional on FOX News I watched two well known democrats proclaim that all the Senate Candidates that Hillary Clinton campaigned for and LOST Badly will help her in 2016.  Good God People someone really needs some professional help.  Now all the Democrats are saying that they lost because this Election was an Anti Establishment wave, except all the Krusty Old Republicans kept their Seats. To be this Blind to facts is impossible The Dem's must be Insane  and they should all be removed from Office before they destroy this Country.  If the Dem's keep thinking we are this stupid and keep throwing out this Delusional Bullshit they are inviting their own French Revolution and that goes for the Republicans too.  If Obama-care isn't stopped and all of the EPA regulations are not repealed and Amnesty is allowed to happen, know one will be able to save them from the Streetlights.