I bet all High Level Politicians have their own Private E-Mail Servers.

 They Are All Going Down.
I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and I think he stuck Gold and didn't realize it. He got me thinking about Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Server. I bet every Self important Politician in Wash D.C. have their own Servers thinking that they have complete control of their own E-Mail accounts, But this is when it hit me.
  It is a Given most every Politician out there like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are Idiots when it comes to I.T. so they must have hired I.T. Nerds to build their systems and any Geek worth their Salt have Mirror Back Up Systems off in a Cloud somewhere. This way when the Politician Screws up and Crashes their Server or Deletes something that they could use to Blackmail someone with They need to call their I.T . Guy to recover it  so the I. T. Guy or Gal can charge them a Fortune to come and save the day. They tell the Politician that it will take hours to find it and after the Stupid rube leaves the room the simply go to the Cloud and Download all the Information they need.
  I would bet a lot of money that a lot of those I.T. Guys belong to the Hacker Group Anonymous, At least I hope so. I think a whole lot of Dirt will be coming out on Every High Level Corrupt Marxist that has one of these Private Server LOL....