Friday, July 10, 2015

Those that are FORCED to forget the past are DOOMED to Repeat it

As you have heard the Confederate Battle Flag Killed 9 Black Marxist Preachers , it had nothing to do with all the race baiting Eric Holder ,Barry Obama , Al Sharpton have been doing. This weekend the Stars and Bars are being lowered for the last time at the S. Carolina Capital this weekend. I grew up thinking the Rebel flag repusented giving the Federal Government the Middle Finger but I have been wrong for the last 52 years it Repusents Racism in America WHO Knew ? Oh well at least nobody else will ever make that mistake. I guess the South will never rise again.
 What this really means is another Civil War is about to break out or at least a Race War will continue in the Big Cities.
  As we all know by now Gay Marriage and Obama-care has just been forced upon the American People destroying our agreement with King Jesus. I don't remember what life was like before love and Marriage but I guess we all get to find out. This has nothing to do with equal rights for Gays this is all about the Destruction of the Institution of Marriage. The Democrat Marxist have finally been allowed to pervert our U.S. Constitution and destroy our Country from within but what those same Democrat Marxist forget is the same protections that protect them from Gay Bashing have also been destroyed there is No Rule of Law any longer My God Forgive the Supreme Court and their sins and Abominations because the American People will not.  
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