Friday, August 28, 2015

AMB.Chris Stevens Travel schedule is on Hillary Clintons E-mail Server

The Dead and Mutilated Body of Ambassador Chris Stevens
Have you ever wondered how the Libyan Terrorist Knew Chris Stevens was in Benghazi that night instead of him being in Tripoli as usual? Well you can thank that Evil lying Bitch Hillary Clinton for that. It has been discovered that Chris Stevens traveling Schedule had been on Hillary's E-mail Server. I am sure everything on her server is in the possession of the Russian's and the Chinese. They are probably hoping they can Blackmail her if she wins the democratic Nomination and the Presidency. As soon as they discover she is a Losing Dog they will sell the Information to the G.O.P to help Jeb Bush win but if Donald Trump is in the point position they will give him the information just because he is a fellow oligarch. But whatever happens we are in for one Hell of a Ride so hang On and enjoy the entertainment because in the end that is all it is. 
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