Saturday, August 15, 2015

Obama gave Hillary just enough Rope to Hang herself

 Maybe you have heard about Hillary Clinton's E-mail scandal, If not here is whats happening. While she was Secretary of State she used her own Server to send and receive her Top Secret E-mail during the Benghazi Affair. She broke the law by doing that, But she wanted complete Control of what came out of her Office after all she was planning on running for President again. Barrack Obama knew all of this as well as Valarie Jarrett his Prime Adviser . Both Obama And Jarrett allowed her to do this knowing full well that someday they can drop the Hammer on her and that is what we are watching now.
  I contend that Obama has Hated Hillary Clinton since they Ran against each other in 2008 and this E-mail Scandal is payback . No-one in the Democrat Party wants Hillary as the next President, that's why Obama was able to swoop in and steal the Nomination away from her back in 2008. The Obama's are putting a stake through the Heart of that Blood Sucking Vampire Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign. Things are going to get much worse for her ,it will be fun to watch. Obama and Valarie Jarrett want Jeb Bush to be the next President because that's the way the Illuminati Roll.
 Payback really is a Bitch .
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