Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blood Moon Update D-3 A.B.M

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho staring down Enemies at the U.N.

Day-3 After Blood Moon
 1. College Massacre at Oregon College 10 Killed including shooter 7 injured at this time. Mercer questioned victims are you a Christian, if they said yes they got shot in the Head if they didn't answer or were non-Christians they were shot in the leg. He is either a Islamist Blood thirsty Animal or a Satanic Nut-job  since the Government is keeping everything secret I am leaning toward Islamist Animal that needed putting down.
 2. Russia's Vladimir Putin Bombed anti Assad Rebels for a Second straight day. On Russia's home-front Putin Drafted an additional 150 thousand Men in to his Army.
 3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho  gave speech at the U.N. Headquarters Raising Hell over the deafening silence from the member nations on them ignoring Iran's threats to destroy Israel. He stood silence for over 45 seconds staring them down it was great.
  4. Iran is reporting that they are moving ground troops in to Syria. It sounds like the destruction of Damascus is just around the corner. That not bad for one day watch the stock Market on Friday.   
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