Tuesday, October 27, 2015

End Time update for 10/27/15

There has been several interesting developments in the last couple of days. The stabbing Attacks in Israel are continuing with increasing ferocity. Until that Islamic abomination on the Top of the Temple Mount is blown up and ground into ruble the Palestinian's will never stop vexing the Jew's. Since Israeli Officials are so afraid of death don.t expect anything to get any better over there anytime soon.
  Russian Submarines are sailing in the vicinity of our Fiber Optic communication lines under the pacific ocean U.S. Official's are afraid the Russians will cut the lines when WW-III breaks out. I think they are just tapping into them and listening to Top Secret communications, The Russians have a secret Alliance with China and the Russians want to know if the Chinese are planning a double cross.
  That brings us to China building artificial Islands in disputed shipping lanes with Airstrips on them. Obama just sent a Missile Cruiser within 12 miles of the Chinese Islands, I'm sure the Chinese are pissing all over themselves LOL... What is really going on is since Obama has destroyed the U.S. Military, all branches. China is planning on invading Taiwan and taking back their Island. It will happen when Russia Invading Saudi Arabia and Terrorist attacks begin happening in all the Big Cities across the United States, and we will be unable to do anything about it. All because Obama and all the Marxist's standing with him and voting for him have been preparing for the destruction of the United states for the last 100 years, ever since the beginning of the Federal Reserve bank.    
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