Monday, October 5, 2015

I keep hearing about Obama starting a new Cold War?

Marco Rubio was on Fox News saying we have a new Cold War emerging with Russia, What a Joke.
 J.F,K. had to stand up against the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis before the Hot War went Cold. Right now as we speak Russia is moving large amounts of Weapons and Men into Syria and continues to Bomb American Backed Islamist's that were trying to overthrow Assad. Now Putin will be in-charge of Syria and Head the Unholy Alliance with Iran and soon Iraq. Does anybody out there think Obama has the balls to stand up against Putin ? I don't think so.
  Putin believes that the middle East was better off with Dictators controlling the Islamic Animals that live there, and now they are spreading throughout Europe and soon the entire world if we don't stand up and squash them like the insects that they mirror. Putin also follows the old adage keep probing and if you hit steal pull back if not keep on probing. The only thing I'm not sure of is where the Israelis stand with the Russians. I heard Bebe recently went to Moscow and had a talk with Putin, Only time will tell.
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