Thursday, November 5, 2015

A 2nd Russian Cargo plane Crash in Sudan or have we Entered the Twilight Zone

The biggest Cover-Up in History?

 Good Morning Reader's I think I am still alive. Two nights ago just after writing my last post A.B.C. Radio news and Fox News was reporting on a Second Russian Cargo Plane crashing in Sudan near the Airport. Just after midnight on 11/4/2015 I was hearing that 25 people were dead and two hours later and 3 0'clock am the body count was up to 41 people dead in the crash I am sure I wasn't imagining the whole thing was I ?
  I am going to do some more investigation after I post this but I am having a hard time thinking the Media can cover up a story this big. There are only a couple of reasons this cover-up is happening. 1 the Cargo plane was on a Top Secret Mission for Vladimir Putin and he squashed the story for National Security reasons. Or both planes were shot down using Shoulder mounted Stinger Missiles, stolen at the Benghazi raid, which is what I think is the case. It really Happened I found the Story on a CNN website, Talk about burying a story Holy Shit I think WW-III started and no one wants to say it out loud.
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