Friday, November 13, 2015

Are Jihadist using Lasers to Communicate ?

  As I was hearing about another round of Laser Strikes all over the U.S. in several major cities, It suddenly hit me, the Main Stream Media always make a huge deal every time an Aircraft gets hit by one of these Laser sights and they always tell us what City the Laser Attack happened over, and what type Aircraft was being Targeted. Now they are pointing These Green Lasers at News-helicopters. What if these Jihadist are using the Main Stream Media to communicate  with other Jihadists around world. What city they are in and how close they are to being ready for a Terror attack or Are Ready to Attack depending on how many Laser strikes happen in that city on that night. If these Laser strikes happen over several days or weeks, the messages could be even more detailed. Well that's my thoughts on the Laser Strikes hopefully I am wrong. One other thing, I am pretty sure those Laser Sights came Attached to Weapons.
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