Tuesday, November 3, 2015

End-Time Update for 11/3/2015

On November 1st a Russian Jetliner was blown out of the sky, either by a Missile or a Bomb on-board. It broke up after about 2 minutes after take-off, The only thing U.S. and Egyptian Officials will say about it is that is was not shot down by a Missile. That just makes me think it was shot down by a Missile, after all the only thing the Federal Government knows how to do is Lie. People in the know say that the Plane was fully loaded with over 200 people 20 of them being children. They say the plane was probably around 14,000 feet at the time of the explosion, after all it is a Commercial Jetliner not a Fighter plane. A U.S. Satellite spotted local heat signatures around the time of the crash. So it was either blown up in the Air by a Bomb On board or a Shoulder fired missile, so they are lying to us again. If it was a missile that means there is going to be more plane crashes in the Future. This could also give Vladimir Putin a reason to Bomb I.S.I.S. Targets in Egypt, so we need to keep an eye on that.
 In a related story Obama is sending 50 special Ops. trainers into Syria 50!!! what the Fuck is Obama thinking, he is going to get them all killed. In another Obama related story he is planning on releasing at least 5000 Prisoners across the U.S. mostly drug related. Obama is acting like a Fucking Dictator that is being overthrown , that's what every dictator has done in recent history. I just hope Obama ends up like Saddam and Mo-mar Raped and hung.
  The federal government is also giving Transvestite a kid in Chicago the right to use regular Dressing rooms for the opposite sex, this is not going to end well for anybody involved.
  The Chinese President is meeting with the President of Taiwan to negotiate their surrender to China so that is something else to keep an eye on. I bet Saudi Arabia is looking real ripe and Juicy to Vladimir Putin and maybe China also.     
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