Friday, January 29, 2016

Did Hillary's E-Mail server get Hacked by Russia,Iran and China?

American 170 Drone Captured on Dec. 4, 2011

  Does anybody remember that little incident when Iran Somehow Captured one of our newest Top Secret Drones? Remember how they were able to hack into it, and land it perfectly intact?
Iranian's Show off Captured MS-170 Drone 12/4/2011

  I was trying to save this story for later in the year to take her out in the primary or General Election, but with the announcement that Hillary Clinton had at least 25 Top Secret e-mails on her private server today. I think she is going to be Indicted soon, or at least Houma Abadan and her other top Assistants will take the fall for her. I don't think anybody is going to willingly take the fall for her. I but her Assistants Squeal like little piggy's unless they are willing to take the Rap for Barrack Obama.  
  I still haven't heard who gave the stand down order during the 13 hour Benghazi Attack. I hate to miss a chance to throw some Gas on Hillary's Bon-fire of America, so I might as well shine the light on her apparent Treason before all hell breaks loose. Remember that little Incident called Benghazi ?
United States Syrian Ambassador Chris Steven's after the Benghazi Attack

That was all about Ambassador Chris Stevens trying to buy back Weapons from the Libyan Rebels and transferring them to Syria. I would bet money that the Drone codes and the Location of Chris Stevens in Benghazi were both hacked from Hillary Clinton's Illegal Unsecured Email Server. I really wish Fox News or anybody in the Media had enough curiosity to ask themselves these questions at least since Hillary is hiding from any real Interviews.  
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