Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is Iran using E.M.P. Technology ?

1/13/2016 Vladimir Putin meets with Iran President

Today Iran was some how able to shut down one and maybe two Us Navy Boats P.T. Class. These Boats are capable of sailing 40 knots , That is fucking fast for the water. Now I just found a picture of Putin talking to the Iranian President which is a little too coincidental for me. Does Iran have that technology or Does Putin's Russia ? If they can shut down two small Navy boats can they Shut down an Aircraft Carrier or one of our Bombers or Fighter Jets? I love the way this happened on the same day Obama is giving his address to the State LOL... I just can't believe how Brain dead the Main stream Media is they have no intelligence or curiosity What's wrong with You people
  I just heard that they are keeping the boats and sending the sailors back on separate vessels. So just this week we have sent Cuba a Hellfire Missile , gave Iran two of our Top Secret P.T. Boats ? are we ready to lose World War III or what ?
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