Saturday, January 23, 2016

Treason at The Blaze and the National Review OnLine Newspaper's

He is the Guy behind Mitt Romney and Obama's Re-Election ,and he lied about his support for him

 I have been wondering who sabotaged the Tea Party in 2012. I knew Obama and the I.R.S. and every other Evil Fucking Democrat organization was out to stop us but I was aware of them . But theses 20 Fucking little Conservative Cocksucker's, I wasn't aware of but now I am. This is a message to Glenn Beck and Dana Loesh - Watch your ass because I am standing right behind you with a Baseball Bat and I am going to use it to Destroy the Blaze and the National Review Online.
 I knew we had Traitors in our Tea Party at least now I know who they are. The Snakes who you have to worry about are the ones you don't see , Well my eyes are open.
  I never watched Donald Trump's The Apprentice but I know he got his Company through Bankruptcy 4 Times and he came out smelling like a Rose. If anybody can save this Country the Donald has as good a shot as anybody on this Planet. I'm am a anybody but Bush guy and he is still lurking out there and Trump is the only one that can stand against the Bush's and their New World Order so I am willing to Give President Trump a chance. If he fails at least we can say we tried everything before we have to Kill them ALL in a Civil War. That's the biggest problem with Reincarnation , when you kill your enemies they are Re-Born in your own country and with 60 Million Abortions in this Country alone Jesus the Christ Child cant restore the Balance that is needed So Balance will come the Hard way.
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