Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chapter 4 - Life On Mars

Chapter, Four - Life on Mars

  At this time in our Solar System’s Development Mars is in Orbit where the Earth is today. Mercury did not exist yet , Venus is the closest planet to the Sun. Earth is where Venus is today but it is completely uninhabitable, the surface pressure is 900 p.s.i. just like Venus is today “ At least at the time of this document is being written” Mars is in the Goldie locks Zone, where our Earth is today.

  Life was good on the Floating cities the streets were paved with Gold and Platinum and Giant Pearls from the Pisces Constellation surrounded the cities with four Gates. The Inhabitants of the city were fed refined gold called Manna. Until the population grew enough to start the mining operation, they spent most of their time learning metallurgy, and mastering different skills, they would need to survive down on the planet. Everyone lived and worked well together mainly because every Soul on Mars was a Lirion Soul. After about Two thousand years of living like this, the Galactic Kings had finally returned with a little surprise, but first they promptly put the Lirions’ to work.

  King Leo spread the crews of the three floating Cities around the planet because the Lion – Lizard wars put the Zodiac Kings behind schedule by about two millenniums. The Zodiac King was in a big hurry to finish getting Mars mined out. Earth was almost ready for the Orbit Shift to begin in order to start mining operations. Also and the Galactic Council was chomping at the bit to get their next Big operation going, and this is where the big surprise comes in.

  That surprise I spoke of is the Galactic Kings brought with them all the Souls from the Red Giant Sun from Draco including Lugh and his Crew as well as Pindar and Lilith. There was not very many Draconians’ left alive besides King Pindar and his Wives’ and concubines’. Therefore, King Pindar was set up on his own Floating City to breed and grow his own work force. However, since reptilian's lay Eggs it did not take nearly as long for Pindar to raise his own work force.

  In the meantime, the Lirion's had pretty much mined all the Gold and Precious Metals off Mars within One Thousand years. Lugh and Lilith quickly reincarnated on Mars as well as his crew. However, since they had no memories of their past lifetimes they had no idea of who they were. Therefore, they lived, loved, worked the Mines, and just kept learning skills that would save their lives one day if not in this lifetime, in another lifetime.

 As the last bucket of gold was mined off Mars, all of the Lirions’ returned to their Floating Cities and left the Martian atmosphere and floated up in to space to Orbit on the other side of the Sun to prepare for the Next Orbit shift.

  While the Three Lirion Floating Cities were preparing for the Pool shot, as I like to call it. King Pindar was to take his Floating city and capture the core of Marduk and to put it in Orbit around Earth after the Orbit shift is complete. The New Moon was going to be a piece of Marduk, which is the fourth Planet around the Sun; it was one of the Planets that naturally formed around the Sun. Marduk did not have many natural resources except a solid nickel Core that would be a great Moon for earth. A moon is required in order to create enough gravity on earth surface for habitation and Mining.

  King Pindar was waiting in his own floating city near the asteroid belt to capture Marduks’ Core. King Leo job was to drag a new Planetoid in to Position. He went out in to the Orc Cloud and found a suitable Comet or Asteroid that would become Mercury. Once he found a suitable planetoid, King Leo locked the Sunships’ Tractor Beam on the Planet and started the Big Drag as King Leo likes to call it. Once King Leo has drug the Planetoid in to position, between Venus and the Sun, he uses his Energy ship to fire a Superconducting charge of Plasma directly into the Sun. That caused the Sun to shoot out a Huge Solar flare that should hit the Planetoid causing it to repel into Venus. Causing Venus to repel in to Earth and causing Earth to repel into Mars driving Mars in to Marduk exploding the Planet in to Chunks and Allowing King Pindar to capture its Core and Tow it with a Tractor beam around the New Earth. At least that is the plan?
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