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Chapter Six - Colonizing Earth

Chapter Six-Colonizing Earth

We put on quite the Show as we maneuvered both the Lirion Floating Cities over the new Earth. We placed one on each side of the planet so we could mine the Earth evenly, because when you pull that much Gold from one place the Planet will begin to wobble. King Pindar put his City in Orbit around the Moon so he could build the King a Base station where all the Mining equipment will be stored and repaired. Since Metal will not rust on the Moon, it is a great place to coordinate what goes where and when.

  The next piece of business was to secure all the Gold and Platinum on Venus because it still had to cure.

  King Leo sailed out into the Asteroid belt and found two Suitable moons for Venus. The main goal in this operation is King Leo wants to increase the Gravity on Venus to 900 P.S.I. this will ensure that the Gold and Platinum will Cure evenly, increasing the Quality of the Gold and Platinum. In addition, the Increased Gravity will prevent any insectoid Poachers from stealing any rare minerals’ by crushing any and all equipment that  poacher’s might try to use to mine Venus illegally.

  Those little Grey Insectoids’ known as Zetas’ are well known throughout the Galaxy as Thieves and Poachers this is why King Leo left all the Bigfoots all over the planet. The Yeti and Sasquatches’ are the Royal Guards of King Leo and they scare the Hell out of the Zetas.

 The Excitement grew as the Day approached that we could start mining again. The Floating Cities are great place to live but there are a lot of rules and regulations, even the Gold Manna gets old after a few years. We had heard stories about the giant tasty Reptilians on the Surface and everyone was anxious to come down to Earth for Dinner.

  King Leo and his people were Giant Felines forty to Fifty feet tall. King Leo was Fifty feet tall himself and most of the Lirion Gold Miners were about Twenty-Five feet tall. They were not as big as the Royal Family but they could work in close Quarters’ and they did not need to Eat as Much as the Royals, which is why the next step in our Evolution, began.

   It may seem cruel to some people that Dinosaurs were just food for the Lirions’ but King Leo had a secondary purpose for the Lizard food. Besides feeding the Lirion Gold Miners, it also served to unite the Lirion and Draconian bloodlines. There is more than one way to spread your D.N.A. Sex is the best-known way to procreate, but when size is a factor eating the reptilians is another way to introduce Reptilian D.N.A. in to the Lirion Race. If the Lirions’ had known, what King Leo was up to they never would have eaten the Draconians flesh. At the same time, King Pindar was feeding his people lower life forms of Felines guaranteeing a greater chance that the two Races will emerge as one. As earths, Atmosphere stabilizes mining operations were about to begin.

Lugh is sent down on the planets’ surface to Spike all of the Magnetic Super points on the planet. This is where the highest concentrations of Gold and Platinum will be found.

 Lugh had no idea who he was from his past lives because King Leo decreed that no one should know too much about their past lives because that ruins all the fun of getting there. King Leo knew that achieving your goals is only the end game; the real fun in life was the Journey to achieve those goals. King Leo decided that only the Holy Ghost is to know about others past lives and deeds. In this way, the Holy Ghost can put you in a environment to complete your life path, but it is up to the Individual to complete their goals or fail miserably.

  As Lugh was traveling along on his Antigravity sled using the Earths Leigh lines, as a guide from one magnetic point to another, he was impressed by how quickly all the Vegetation had grown and covered the land. He was traveling as quickly as he could so everyone on the Floating Cities could get down to the surface and get to work. Lugh had two beautiful wives living in the Floating Cities and he was looking forward to seeing them soon. He had already been down on the surface for two months and he was getting very lonely and was ready for some good feline loving.

He only had two more spikes to drive, so he was anxious to finish and begin using his Building Skills over at Puma Punku. That is where King Leo parked his Sunship, and is awaiting Lughs’ return. Unfortunately, his next stop was at the Bottom of the Ocean, and he hated going underwater. Felines are not meant to go under the Water, King Poseidon of the Pieces Constellation was supposed to send his Amphibian Dive Troops to do this job, but they were delayed and would not arrive for quite some time. Since Lugh did not believe in wasting time, he set his Anti-gravity sled to underwater mode and dove in to the Ocean at full speed. As the water parted and he slid beneath the waves, his shields had a dampening effect on Gravity he did not even cause a ripple on the surface as he dived hard and deep all the way to the bottom. Lugh was amazed at all the Sea life that had filled the oceans. He was traveling at about one hundred Knots, but because of all the giant sea life, he had to slow down to a crawl. If he hit one of them, it could damage his sled severely and could drown and be swimming with the fish’s permanently! You readers out there must remember that the Lirion people were about Twenty-Five feet tall at this time; so for Lugh to be frightened of those giant Swimming Lizards must have been huge, But awfully tasty. Lugh was thinking he might have to go fishing and get a fresh meal after he drove the spike into the Sea floor. After many hours of sailing underwater, Lugh finally arrived at the Spike point. Lugh stopped his sled and floated down to the Sea bottom; after he was anchored to the Ocean Floor, he opened a hatch on the floor of his sled; revealing the muddy ocean floor so, he grabbed his spike and drove it in to the ocean floor without incident. As Lugh started floating up towards the surface Lugh put his sled in Gear and hauled ass towards the surface unfortunately Lugh did not see the Plesiosaur sneaking up behind him. As Lughs’ sled arose in the Water the Plesiosaur attacked his sled with a vicious frenzy. Its’ teeth clamped on to the sled and shook it so violently the Circuit breaker popped and the whole sled shut down. However Before its massive jaws could come down on Lugh, he grabbed his sword and plunged it deep into the top of its mouth. It made it let go of the sled and with a stunned and shocked look on its face, it tried to escape, but Lugh had other ideas. Lugh took his sword and cut off the Plesiosaurs tail, filling the water around them with black blood. By this time, the Lizard had died from the first head wound and the Dead Plesiosaur had drifted out a few yards when about one hundred smaller shark type fish attacked and devoured the Dinosaur within seconds. Lugh just put the Tail in his mouth and started swimming towards the Surface, he was not sure he would make it. He was just a couple of hundred feet below the surface but he was exhausted from the fight and was about to suffocate and just as he was ready to give up, a Giant Sea turtle swam up underneath him and carried him to the surface. After he emerged above the Water, he could see that the Turtles had Hands instead of Fins. Lugh gave out a great bellow of a laugh and he said What the Hell took you guys so long. These people were King Poseidons’ Amphibious Shock Troops. They told me telepathically that they had just arrived and heard I had gone underwater, so they decided to come and check on me. I thanked them and told them I would tell King Leo how you assisted me and kept me from dying. You both will be rewarded greatly and with that, they retrieved my Sled and brought up my Plesiosaur tail for lunch. I quickly reset my Plasma Breakers on the Sled and I was on my way to the last Spike sight.  

  Lugh finally made it to dry land, as the Sun started dipping below the Mountain Range in the distance. Therefore, Lugh decided to stop and set up camp for the night. He spotted a nice spot up on a ridge, so he landed and built a fire using his Plasma Torch. He normally uses it for cutting holes in rocks for driving spikes, but it works well for starting campfires also. He could hardly wait to roast up the Lizard tail that he almost died getting, he was thinking that fight for dinner will make it taste, that much better. He had been eating Manna his whole life, so this was all new to him. Lugh found a couple of sticks with Ys in them, stuck a steel rod through the tail, and had set himself up a Rotisserie of sorts. He had a hard time waiting for it to cook because it smelled so… good as it roasted over the open fire. Lugh was not thinking about other Animals being attracted to the Smell of his dinner, He should have.

  Just as his Tail had finished cooking, a giant T-Rex appeared above his head. Lugh could really use some eyes on the back of his head lol… The T-Rex wanted Lughs’ Lizard tail but he was not going to let that happen without a fight. The T-Rexes head was three times the size of the Plesiosaur’s Head so Lugh thought he might need a little more power to kill this Lizard. But before he could grab his Plasma Torch the T-Rex lunged directly for Lughs’ head so Lugh punched it in the Throat stunning the Lizard long enough for him to grab his Plasma Torch. As the Lizard was setting up to strike again, Lugh Fired up his Plasma torch’ blinding the T-Rex long enough that Lugh could slit its throat. As its life slipped away, all of its Nerves caused it to flop around bleeding all over the Campsite. So Lugh cut off its tail, he thought this would be a nice gift for King Leo. Lugh had worked up a ravenous appetite so he quickly devoured his Lizard Tail. He knew all that blood would attract even more Creatures so he took off and spent the night on the next Ridge over without incident.

  The next morning Lugh flew to his last stop and drove in the last Spike. He was anxious to get back to Puma Punku to build a city and see his wives’. When he arrived to Puma Punku, the first thing he had to do was give King Leo a Status Report. As Lugh entered King Leos’ office aboard the Sunship, The Captain was busy planning the construction of his city.

 King Leo- How are you doing Lugh I heard you had some great Adventure on the High Seas.

Lugh- Why yes I did Sir, but I brought you some fresh T-Rex tail to enjoy they taste great Roasted I thought you might be getting tired of Manna.

King Leo- Well thank you Lugh it would be nice to eat something different, so tell me Lugh what the Oceans look like.

Lugh- well Sir I was surprised at how many Sea Creatures filled the Ocean. I had to slow down to 1/8 speed just to get down to the Ocean floor. On the way back, I almost killed myself hitting a Giant Plesiosaur but it tasted great! King Leo gave out a great belly laugh, and just as I was about to Drown King Poseidon’s Amphibious Shock troops showed up and saved my life. 

King Leo- It sounds like you had a great life experience. Did you know I have called for the Bird Queen of Sirius I think I want to fly when I get my next body?

Lugh- that sounds great Sir can I get some of that Action Sir.

King Leo- Absolutely but do not be in a big hurry you still have a lot of life left in the Body you already have. Speaking of that I sent for your Wives’ Eve and Lilith they are up in the upper sleeping chambers so go and make some babies and have a good time.

Lugh-That sounds wonderful Sir I will get right on it. Let me know if you need anything else Sir, I have some Ideas on the construction of the City. I have some ideas about melting our left over tailings to build H-Blocks that we could put together in a single day Sir. 

King Leo-That sounds like a great idea now take a couple of days off with your Wife’s we will talk more about that later.

Lugh thanked King Leo, headed upstairs, and spent the next two days making Love to his wives’ and by the way, he impregnated both of them.

  Two days later, he emerged from the upper sleeping chambers with a big smile on his face. The first thing he did was build the Molds for the H-Blocks and using the tailings from the gold mines  he melted then in a Superconducting Rock Hopper and poured the molten rock into his H-Block molds. He only had to build three molds to build the whole city. Including a Freighter take-off and landing pad. 

  Lugh had a wonderful life with many children, but as with all things, even Lirion’s die eventually. However, this turned out to be a wonderful thing. Because King Leo thought, Lugh was ready for the ultimate experience. Therefore, he was made a Sun god and he has to do a tour of two thousand years to be the Holy Ghost and manage souls. King Leo never really found out what happened during the Lion – Lizard wars but he knew Lugh, Lilith, Eve, and all the rest of his crew were all found in the Giant Red dwarf of Draconia so he knew Lugh had something to do with the destruction of Draconia. 
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