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Chapter Seven - How a Sun God is Earned

Chapter Seven-Lugh evolves into a Sun God

As we left off Lugh had just finished Impregnating his wives’ Lilith and Eve, this will ensure Lugh’s Bloodline will evolve in both the Light and the Dark races that are yet to evolve. As Lugh begins building Puma Punku, he works closely with King Leo and the Ruler of Cygnus, Queen Seri, she was a Giant Winged Eagle she also wanted to spread her D.N.A. in to the New Earth race that was going to be developed. It was obvious to everyone that King Leo and Queen Sari were in love with each other, and before long Sari became pregnant and gave birth to a New Race of Winged Lions called Griffins.

  Queen Sari was the inspiration behind Puma Punku she is the one that gave Lugh the Idea behind the H-Blocks. After the Lirions had mined all the Gold, they threw the Granite Rubble into a giant hopper, and using Superconductor Technology it melted the stone into a molten Liquid then they poured it into pre-made metal forms right at the building site, one right next to the other. In one day, Lugh made enough H-Blocks to build the Landing Pad and the Mining Crews living Quarters.

    There was a great celebration that night; everyone had been living aboard the Floating Cities for their entire lives. It felt good to finally stand on solid ground again, after all of this time. Everyone proclaimed with great cheer as the party raged on. Lugh was getting drunk on the first batch of Earth Beer brewed on the planet, and then he noticed Lilith sneaking away with the son of King Draco named Lucifer; oh, how history repeats itself. Queen Sari of Cygnus was also getting drunk, when she suddenly flew over to where Lugh was partying because King Leo had already gone to Bed up in the Sunship.

 Queen Sari – So Lugh I heard about your exploits in the Great Atlantic Sea, take me over behind that Boulder and show me some of your moves?

Because Lugh was upset and Horny over Lilith sleeping around on him, he picked up Queen Sari, carried her behind the Rock, and started kissing her passionately. As he pulled her Royal robe off and turned her around and took her doggy style, Penetrating her with such force she screeched so loudly that the party crowd thought a Flying Lizard was attacking them, but quickly figured out it was just Lugh making babies with the Queen . After Lugh, finished shooting his Love juice deep inside of her, she got embarrassed and quickly fly off to the Sunship. She quickly made love to King Leo because she knew Lugh had just impregnated her and did not want King Leo to find out. Later she laid several Giant eggs and the first Griffins were hatched several months later. She hoped King Leo would never know the difference because Lugh and King Leo were related, remember Lugh was King Leos’ Nephew, At least Lugh thought King Leo did not know about him impregnating Queen Sari. As Lugh poured and set the last stone of Puma Punku, all of a sudden a Bolt of Lightning came down from the sky and made a direct hit on Lugh killing him instantly.

  As Lugh went in to the light this time, he met up with the Holy Ghost and she told him it was going to be his turn to manage all the new Souls arriving from around the Galaxy. He also found out who the Holy Ghost was: It was the Great Queen Andromeda, she was tired of being the Middle Woman between King Leo and the Present Sun God so she was going to incarnate as one of those New Griffins Queen Sari and Lugh created, so there was quite a shakeup in heaven that day. The present Sun God was King Leo and Queen Andromedas’ Son Apollo; he was going to take a turn as the Holy Ghost and Lugh was going to take his place. He said since most of the Souls that will be arriving by the Soul ship will mostly be mostly Animal souls and need to evolve into higher life forms and since Lugh had spent a few lifetimes on Earth already and he would be best at deciding what souls could evolve into higher life forms.

Lugh was amazed at how many different species were coming to Earth from around the Galaxy. Queen Andromeda had told him there was going to be a grand experiment to take place on Earth. She told him that only a very few physical living beings were going to arrive and breed with the Griffins. At first there would be 13 different races breeding with each other, creating a major freak show. Each race will have a thousand years to completely inject their Customs and D.N.A. in to the new races that were being created.

From left to right Taurus the Bull, Deer Female, Elves and Mole people, Human from Orion, Horse People, Bird People, Lirion Zoroastrian - Bird King

I believe these are the Children of the Ancient Ones injecting the Zodiac Kings D.N.A. in to the Human Race. This is what happened at the Ancient Love Rituals of Gobekli tepe. Nobody likes watching the Sausage being made; this is why the Freemasons and the Illuminati have kept this a secret for all these years. However, the time is coming that everyone needs to make a choice; Light or Dark. The People of the Light will be spread out and returned home to their new home planet throughout the Galaxy. The Dark will be killed during the next Orbit shift and reborn on the New Earth Venus to mine all the Platinum for the New Soul ships. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

As the ancient Ones Evolved, they discovered that certain races are better at some things and other races are better at others. The Kings goal was to come up with a race that can build and enjoy making love and everything that life has to offer, and still control their animal urges. They knew this could take many Millenniums, and that is when they decided that each Race would take turns running the planet starting with the Golden age of Leo, then the Silver age of Orion and so on.

  When the first Soul Ship arrived from the Orion System, it had 666,000 souls aboard they all stood upright and were Independent and proud, Lugh thought these people would be a nice addition to the new Human Race. They were very hard workers and they really knew how to enjoy their bodies sexually. Lugh could hardly wait to incarnate again, but he had to complete his mission as a Sun God first. The Next group to arrive was the Aquarius King Poseidons people, He was their Ruler these fish people would always swim together, and looked alike, and Lugh thought these creatures must be food. The next group was the Herd animals from Taurus; Lugh knew these creatures would be trouble down the road. All they wanted to do was eat grass and commune together; they had no desire to better themselves. Lugh noticed most races had the schools of Fish and the Predator Shark stalking them for food. Then there would be a flock of Birds then the Falcon or the Eagle would stalk them for food. At the same time, you have the Herd Animals with the Felines and the Wolves stalking them. He eventually realized that you had to have Prey and Predators for a Civilization to evolve. The Prey had to stick together to protect themselves and the Predators had to think of new ways to split them up or they would starve so evolution happens.

   After spending a couple thousand years managing souls up in the Sun, he noticed the Humans were really starting to look good, still way to large but overall the Females started getting really curvy and inviting. That is when the new Sun God Arrived; it was his hot one nightstand; Queen Sari she had lost her wings’ due to evolution and was looking much more human at this point. Lugh had reincarnated as a Farmers’ son outside of an Ancient City known as Tuatha De Danann, is was the Capital city of the Elves. It used to be a Great city with an honest ruler but it had been recently corrupted, hence this is why Lugh was born here and now but that is another Story. More to be revealed

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