Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thank You Obama for the next 16 years of Trumpisom

President Reagan shaking the Future President Trumps hand

A Little History Lesson
  I remember the Days of the long Nixon impeachment from 1974 & 1975, I was 11 and 12 it was horrible every News outlet all three of them Demonized Nixon for what the missing 15 minutes of some WhiteHouse Tape? I still do not know or care about any of that Bullshit.
 Then we had the Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter riding in on his white horse to save the day. We got Gas lines and the Fall of the Shah of Iran and the New Nightline TV show with the 400+ days of the Iran Crisis. Then the 1980 Election with Daddy George Bush and the actor of B westerns and Bozo the clown Ronny Reagan he was a big joke of the left, Sound Familiar? Everyone knew Carter was through and the worst President ever. Daddy Bush had it in the bag but he lost to the stupid Actor nobody took seriously lol...
 I can still remember as soon as he got sworn in The Iranian Hostages came home and the Iran Hostage Crisis was over but Reagan never had a Republican House or Senate let alone BOTH!!!
 Even by himself with no help became one of the Greatest Presidents. Then Daddy Bush got 4 years because Reagan took down the Berlin Wall lol.. Daddy Bush would have gotten 8 years if Ross Perot had not appeared from no where my whole family voted for Perot probably saving the world because now we all knew Daddy George Bush was an evil Globalist that would have enslaved us all if he would have gotten another Four years.
 We let you install Slick Willie for 8 years because Newt Gingrich had a leash on him.
Now that the whole country has experienced 16 years of Globalist rule and 8 years of the worst American President in history we Have the Donald, I remember hearing about his exploits way back in the late 70s I have followed his ups and downs. President Trump has never stayed down for long when he does stumble after every divorce or Bankruptcy he always bounced back. Then he had a show called the apprentice I think I watched it once, it must have been up against one of my favorite shows.
  The point I am trying to make is the left fears trump not because he will fail, they fear him because they already know he will succeed. When the Pope and every world leader came out against the Donald early in the primaries I knew He was the Man God sent to restore balance and by us a little more time to sort the wheat from the Chaff. President Trump will win and get 8 years and VP Pence could easily get another 8 years so Democrats Just keep doing what you are doing. I am sure the Genius Vladimir Putin did it all Ha ha the Democrats will never win as long as we have Putin lol....
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